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I guess this is why I love running this site. The evolution of friendships, of musical knowledge, and being witness over the past four years or so, to numerous artists flourishing, progressing, developing their sound and finding whatever it is they’re seeking from their musical ventures.

Roberto Sodano is one of those artists. From tuning into his beautiful ‘mixtape’ series spanning ambient, electronica and shoegaze, to seeing his remixes come alive for Joey Fehrenbach; AUDIOGLIDER has now made one of the biggest steps in his career signing with with Nick Brennan’s (Tripswitch’s) label, Section Records. As always with the isolatedmix series, I reserve invitations for those who have made a significant impact on me musically, and funnily enough, I think Roberto’s only just getting started. I hear tonnes of remixes are planned, a new album, and one thing I do know for definite, a sneaky Places Series release is also on the horizon. About time Roberto stepped up to the isolatedmix series I say.

We’re going straight to the heart of the AUDIOGLIDER sound with this one. Roberto’s music is varied, progressive and always emotive, and as he goes on to describe below, this mix captures the essence of his production approach with some of his biggest inspirations. It’s a tracklist which can easily be glanced over to the untrained musical eye, but one that comes to life upon reflection. Manual features twice, as does the more recent Bristolian pioneer Stumbleine,  Ambient, electronica, shoegaze-hints of new and old, as well as an exclusive remix, this one’s got it all.

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m a bit of a music nerd – its a bug I’ve had since I was a kid – not because my parents had an amazing record collection or anything – (Demis Roussos anyone?), but the way music, sounds, sonics, audio whatever you call it, were able to connect with me, was astounding – especially to a shy kid growing up in South Wales. It became a way to escape and connect with another world of unlimited potential. And even while the present immediate availability of any music from any artist has made events like buying an album a thing of the past, I still get excited discovering new artists and music that affect my soul in the same inspirational way.

When I was asked to put together an Isolated Mix for ASIP, I thought, oh bloody hell, you’ve got to have a theme – all the best ones have a theme. I considered doing an ‘influences’ mix, but having been round the block as I have, I didn’t want it to be a trip down memory lane, or too nostalgic – I’m not really one for retrospectives, and there’s still so much new music and so many new artists for people to discover and hopefully put on the map. So i thought, try and capture the spirit of all my musical influences, all the contradictions, all the inconsistencies, and attempt to create something of a journey that reflects all of these – the ex drummer and DJ who makes music on a laptop, the ex vinyl junkie who embraced the fantastic netlabel scene, the ex shoegazer who traded in fx pedals for a 4/4 beat, a strobe, and a sub bass, the technophobe who embraced technology, the 4AD freak who…….the list goes on…….

There are a whole heap of artists on here that have blown me away with the sheer quality of their creative output, Manual, Syntaks, Stockfinster, Motionfield, ST, Dub Tractor – coincidentally all from Scandinavia – I hadn’t really thought about why all of these artists’ music resonates with me but here goes – its how their melodies and compositions manage to create warmth out of glacial sound palettes – something I strive to be able to do in my own compositions – Elsewhere we have Russian artists Slow, SEVEN, and Seaman S, who make beautifully emotional melodic ambient – I was lucky enough to get samples from one of them to create the closing track track to this Isolated Mix as a collaboration, and available exclusively here. Other recent discoveries that are on constant rotation on my headphones – are the majestically lush Horizon Fire, Stumbleine w/Essay, Arms and Sleepers and Marconi Union, and the amazingly enigmatic, chilly, deep and groovy Ghosting Season.

This list could have gone on – but I had to stop somewhere. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I enjoyed putting it together.




1. Slow – Aura
2. Dub Tractor – And You Are Back
3. Stockfinster – Seventeen
4. Syntaks – Twentytwohundred
5. City of Satellites – Skeletons (Manual remix)
6. SEVEN – Summer Whitephone
7. ST – Rest Your Eyes
8. Horizon Fire – Plutonian Shore
9. Manual & Icebreaker International – Beacons
10. Ghosting Season – Time Without Question
11. Motionfield – Indian Summer
12. Stumbleine – Lunar
13. Essáy & Stumbleine – Rhiannon
14. Arms and Sleepers – Kepesh
15. Marconi Union – Broken Colours
16. AUDIOGLIDER v Seaman S – Lost Planet

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8 Responses to “isolatedmix 30 – AUDIOGLIDER”

  1. Thanks so much for the privilege of being able to contribute to the ASIP Isolated Mix series, Ryan. This blog has been such an inspiration to me and others who love music. So great to be part of this. Hope all of you enjoy it x

    Posted by AUDIOGLIDER | July 29, 2012, 4:41 pm
  2. By the looks of that tracklisting I’m going to love this one. Good work Roberto! Cheers Ryan. :)

    Posted by Mach V | July 30, 2012, 9:31 am
  3. Hello guys!
    Thank you for the wonderful mix. We represent it on today at 3pm CET.

    Posted by slava | July 31, 2012, 8:58 am
  4. Thanks @Slava, and @DasKraftfuttermischwerk for your support – so glad you like the mix. it could’ve been so much longer too!

    Posted by AUDIOGLIDER | July 31, 2012, 5:51 pm
  5. geting to know music you’d love but wouldn’t find it wasn’t for ryan and ASIP. thanks again for a wonderful turn on and hip to
    mix of ambient essentials.

    Posted by futurestar | August 6, 2012, 4:56 pm
  6. this is really come choice stuff perfectly symbiotic mix with deft touch. makes me glad to be connected. thanks ryan and all.

    Posted by futurestar | August 6, 2012, 5:23 pm
  7. Really love this mix. This has become a permanent fixture on my mp3 player. Whenever i’m feeling low i play this and immediately i’m at my happy place.

    Posted by Daz26 | March 26, 2013, 6:16 am


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