The Places Series

The Places Series is a selection of releases inspired by the artist’s very own strangely isolated place. No one place is the same, no musical inspiration is identical. Everybody’s place of escapism is different. The Places Series aims to unearth the personal moments, the detailed sounds and the inspirational story behind the music, transporting the listener to that very moment of conception.

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ASIP001: Kit – Trẻ em

Inspired by time spent travelling to, and through Vietnam, “Trẻ em” captures a journey of introspection and contemplation; of excitement, contentment and considered observation. An album that effortlessly transports and eases you into the heart of the experience. Take the tremulous “Girl Walking on the Beach Wearing a Skirt” and you get an idyll of white sands and picturesque isolation – a place where the sun’s kissing the horizon and the breeze whispers through the trees casting black silhouettes against a burning amber sky…

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ASIP002: enh – Roke

Living in an old B&B in a tiny village on the Pacific Coast of Japan sounds pretty idyllic; the perfect place to create music to a backdrop of natural coastal beauty and the nostalgic romanticism of a building with a million stories. But as ‘Roke’ displays, it’s an existence that’s balanced with the regular threat of something wild, uncontrollable and destructive…

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ASIP003: relapxych.0 – Tegelbacken Nightlights

Characterised by space, abandonment and dormancy, ‘Tegelbacken Nightlights’ takes its cues from urban decay. Crafted around a shifting scene of emptiness and dereliction, light and dark are intertwined, shifting between night and day; letting the darkness seep and the light carve through…

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ASIP004: Ex Confusion – Where The Time Goes

Atsuhito’s work is a double dose of gentle, indulgent ambience. Distant and wistful, it retreats to a time of safety and comfort when your parents were the gentle giants that made the world a smaller, safer place…

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ASIP005: Levi Patel – Dissociation

Portrayed as places of magic and mystery and of death and decease, forests are a rich source of imagination – a place where fiction and fairy-tale come alive or where darkness is allowed to flourish undeterred.

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ASIP006: Marc Atmost – Herbicides Over Small Fields

“Herbicides Over Small Fields” just hits you. There’s no easing intro and no space to colour a welcome. From the frenzied birdsong to the ominous klaxon that mordantly sweeps over with the ruthless regularity of radar, this is a track wracked with incomprehension and an inescapable foreboding.

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ASIP007: Kevin Bryce – The Park By Franklin

Every child carries a creature fear growing up – whether it’s the bogeyman in the wardrobe, the monster under the bed, the stillness of a dark basement, overcoming that fear is rite of passage to growing up. Often it’s one beaten by exploration and curiosity, venturing beyond the insulated comfort zone to get confirmation, no matter how short the glimpse, that your world is safe and secure. For Kevin Bryce, his place inspired both terror and delight.

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ASIP008: Herbstlaub – Oostmalle Airport

Diligently building beyond the twinkling melody, the abandoned airport’s menace ghosts in the background, casting a grave presence over the tranquillity. As the sun goes down, and the shadows languidly stretch, serendipity of nature, ‘Oostmalle Airport’ contrasts the memories of what once was with the threat of what might be.

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ASIP009: Nobuto Suda – Nobody Levee

Eased by a sense of movement, pushed by a ceaselessly serene force, ‘Nobody Levee’ instils quietude and peace. Like the water itself, it’s a track perpetually in motion, comforting in its preordained cycle and all-enveloping atmosphere. So whether you feel immersed in the wash or are happy to ponder your reflection, this lapping melody invites you to more than just dip a toe. Dive deep.

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ASIP010: Arrows Down – Swings

‘Swings’ takes its cues from a simple beauty. Beyond the point of release, it captures the gradual, slow motion descent back to earth, and those precious seconds where you feel truly free. Guided by tremulous strings and the tender piano line, it plots every revolution of the gentle tumble towards the ground but here, somewhat wonderfully, it doesn’t feel like you ever land.

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ASIP011: Echaskech – 626

A collaboration inspired by the view from the top of the tower, “626” is a twinkling tribute to a place that captures London’s panorama. With every slow revolution, it’s a soundtrack that blooms in the night sparkle, revealing a cityscape that’s both bleak and beautiful.

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ASIP012: Wakan Tanka – Pinnacle

Home brings a world of safety and comfort but escape is a word that colours the mind. Faced with an odd future of uncertainty, flux and sudden change, home truths can be as smothering as they are sensible. For Jordan de Graaf and Nathan Cooke, the spectre of the unknown turned out to be their galvanisation.

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ASIP013: Public Transport – Rosenheim

Transit is an open (or closed) invitation to contemplate. From the excitement of arrival or the impending trepidation and dread of reaching a destination you’d sooner forget, the best journeys are characterised by extremes of emotion. Balancing the premise of opportunity against his own burgeoning isolation, Duncan Bailey found one train ride in particular afforded him the time to reflect, and inspired him to create.

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ASIP014: Markus Guentner – Talking Clouds

This three-track EP reflects on a time and a place where Markus Guentner finds peace winding his way through his hometown, meandering towards a handful of pre-determined destinations. A mini-ode to Regensberg, ‘Talking Clouds’ carries a contrast between Markus’ past and present.

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ASIP015: Yeter – Dart

A gentle, morphing soundtrack, Dart’s dream-like drones and weave and swathe to an ecological beat. Tracked by environmental field recordings, it’s easy to imagine the lush canopies of grass, dragonflies languidly patrolling their territory and wildlife instinctively running their biological routine.

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ASIP016: Mig Dfoe – Playa La Llorona

When the surroundings are right, inspiration usually comes easily. And if your surroundings take in the green vibrancy of the jungle, rolling energy of the Pacific and power of the sun, you’re in a good place. Inspired by the life and beauty of the Mexican beaches, Mig Dfoe definitely sees it that way. “Playa La Llorona is a place close to El Faro de Bucerias, in Michoacan Mexico,” he explains, “it is my favourite place in the world.”

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ASIP017: Sonae – Cologne

Finding beauty doesn’t always come easy. It’s a search, and concept, guided by bias and perception; subjectivity and selectivity. For the optimists, it can be seen in anything. For the pessimists, it’s a long-term battle to find inspiration in anything but the superlative. That search seems to be an extensive one for Sonae when it comes to her current place in Cologne.

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ASIP018: Parks – Black Day, Silver Sea

A sunny day at the beach can be a wonderful thing but a wind and rain swept endeavour across the shifting sands rewards just as richly. Surrounded by the elements, for ‘Black Day, Silver Sea’ Igor basked in the wild, monochrome splendour of the Black Sea.

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ASIP019: Norge – 165 Minutes With You

Beauty has always had a poetic power. Whether it’s slowing time to a stand still or offering a striking contrast to the aesthetics of the ordinary, it’s a quality Norge is mesmerised and seduced by.

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ASIP020 Odd Shapes – Desert Plant

A track wired by dark and low frequencies, it feels like you’ve stumbled across a place where horrible things happen and are hid, the ghosts of those actions lingering only until they’re discovered.

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ASIP021 Textural Being – Vantage Points

‘Vantage Points’ captures that quiet contemplation and doesn’t just emanate tranquillity; it breathes it, exhaling with every whip of the night breeze and distant gurgle of the water below. There’s also a sense of relief and release, the stresses of a city life melting into the expanse, eased by the serenity but energised by the scale of the thoughts and things bigger than our own comprehension.

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ASIP022 Audioglider – Heathaze Days

Set in stark contrast to the cacophony and claustrophobia of Egypt’s capital, Siwa emerged as a green jewel in a barren desert crown, and ‘Heathaze Days’ charts the contrasts, encompassing the sand-blasted, sweat-soaked 10 hour drive to the blissful discovery of the oasis itself.

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ASIP023 Benjamin Dauer – Twenty Three and Twenty Six

The still hours where life is yet to accelerate towards its grinding daily regimen; the wait before the first creaks of cold bones and commuter trains amplify the city. It’s times like these Benjamin Dauer treasures.

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ASIP024 Horizontal Excursions – Symphonica Helvetica

A regular traveller through the country, Roger’s willingness to lose himself (in every sense of the word) in the abundance of natural beauty heralded Symphonica Helvetica – an untainted journey through the mysticism of the Alps, velveteen swoop of Swiss valleys, and the siren-song of nature.

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ASIP025 Stray Theories – Frozen Skies

Awash with fleeting builds and yearning strings, it feels like a mournful journey of a dying day; the sun sinking into the glacial lakes in the distance, a soundtrack to just staring ahead and seeing life, not death, in a ruggedly endless horizon.

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ASIP026 Leandro Fresco – Almas Sin Prisa

“Looking through the glass, I saw two people walking away in the storm, holding hands. These were the first minutes of the night when the sun was just beginning to hide and I kept on thinking about who these strangers were.”

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ASIP027 Module – The Frequent Sea

“The ocean remains one of life’s great intangibles. For me, it’s always been something that conjures family-holiday sentimentality and a vast sense of escape. Even now, every time that first glimpse of coastline pulls into focus, there’s a child-like wonderment that hasn’t ever dissipated.”

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ASIP028 36 – Heather Spa

“There’s always private pleasure in seeing beauty where others don’t. Sometimes it’s just a case of the personal outweighing the spectacular but in a part of the world as vast and stunning as Yorkshire, the abundance of scenery makes finding that place an infinitely easier coincidence.”

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ASIP029 Halo – Song Of The Highest Tower

We’ve all experienced those moments when we capture a perfect image in our minds eye; those indelible scenes we can recall with perfect clarity. These snapshots might last a lifetime or disappear as quickly as they were realized but in that split-second, for composer Pasquale Riviezzo, it’s a preservation of a very personal kind.

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  3. Gorgeous selections. I’ve recommended this site as THE source for Ambient/Drone music.

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