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isolatedmix 29 – Textural Being

It’s safe to say that Textural Being‘s recent productions have reaffirmed and reignited my love for dub-techno. It’s the kind of genre that needs attention, yet once emerged, I often find it more calming to listen to than the deepest ambient music. Repetition and restatement in music is often cited to be critical and dub-techno … Continue reading »

Secret Station Mix Series

The fourth and final Secret Station ‘Broadcast‘ compilation hit the airwaves a few months back in February, and since then, you could say things have slowed down a little for Eric Watson and the label. I for one miss this label’s regular output. But, with time, Eric’s creativity has been put to good use on … Continue reading »

Mach V – Send In The Drones

Send In The Drones. Send in the beauty. Send in the classic ambient. Send in a few upcoming releases whilst you’re at it. Send in Mach V. If you want any of the above, look no further as our favourite curator of all things musically brilliant, Mach V has put together a sublime ambient mix. … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 23 – Carbon Based Lifeforms

Anybody see the link yet? That’s right, it’s both an honour and a privilege to introduce the 23rd isolatedmix, by none other than the legendary Carbon Based Lifeforms. Us CBL fans have been pretty lucky recently; two albums in successive years, with Interloper in 2010 and Twentythree in 2011. But, it hasn’t always been so. … Continue reading »

Basicnoise – U.F.O

As with most dub-techno heads, ambient often takes a lead role in influencing an artist’s sound and productions. Peter Fanai aka Basicnoise¬†has taken his favourite beat-less tracks to form a superb mix that includes classics from Markus Guentner, Vangelis, Art of Noise and Brian Eno. Peter’s main dub-techno influence, Basic Channel, takes a back seat … Continue reading »