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isolatedmix 25 – Applescal: A Telegram To The North

I’m a lover of all things techno and sometimes when it comes to mixes, the guys that spend all their time making the heavy-hitters know a thing or two when it comes to taking it down a level. Applescal is renowned for his tech-tinged beauties that have graced the likes of Traum over the years … Continue reading »

Passing by: Max Cooper, Eckoe, ASC, Martin Nonstatic, Casino Versus Japan & Martim

A week travelling with work results in lots of time listening to music and not as much time exploring new sounds. However, over the past 24 hours i’ve managed to do some much needed catching-up. Max Cooper’s on a roll recently, with some stunning remixes and now a remake of an absolute classic chill-out track, … Continue reading »