Solar Fields

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Seek Sick Sound Podcast

I haven’t come across this website and podcast series before, and judging by the two mixes i’ve experienced so far this week ‘Seek Sick Sound’ is definitely one to bookmark for the future and worth a dig around the current curators they’ve got up there. Recent n5MD debutant Ocoeur provides a glorious IDM mix for … Continue reading »

Passing by: Arc Of Doves, Solar Fields, Segue, Mikkel Metal and Annastay

Arc of Doves – Never Let Me Go Originally released one year ago (more info here), Arc of Doves’ beautiful album ‘Never Let Me Go’ is now available on limited edition CD via rohs! records. Buy here and preview below. [​.​ROHS​!​002 CD/ Arc Of Doves - Never Let Me Go] by Arc Of Doves Solar … Continue reading »

Rob Dowell – Holding Patterns

“Experiments in pitch bending, best heard on a cold and cloudy day” – a perfectly short and sweet intro for Rob Dowell’s latest mix. Robs last featured mix, ‘Figment Fragments’ was massively popular and ‘Holding Patterns’ reinforces Rob’s ability to craft mind-bending sets with amazing attention to detail alongside creative mixing techniques. This mix goes … Continue reading »

Mr Blue – Darkest Star Set

It’s been a while since i’ve featured a no-holds-barred, no genre defined, all-star line-up kinda mix. The kind of mix that everyone want’s to put together every now and then – an advanced ‘favourite’ playlist if you like. A bunch of classic tracks that instead of withering away on the left-hand side of iTunes, are … Continue reading »

The isolated 2000

Just under three months after asking everyone on the ASIP Facebook page for their tracks of choice, The isolated 2000 is finally here. Yes, it took a while, but you know the saying… For those that are new to this mix theme (and for those who missed the first one – The isolated 1000), this … Continue reading »