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Neither scene nor heard: a journey through ambient music

I’ve seen a few articles over the past few years detailing the best ambient albums, the state of ambient or the return of ambient, and whilst they’re often very positive for the genre, the artists and every other person involved in making this type of music, I can’t help but feel a bit empty after reading … Continue reading »

Reflection on 2013

It’s been a pretty monumental year for me, both personally and for ASIP. I’ve moved to Portland, Oregon and started a new life in the Pacific North West and at the same time fulfilled a life-long ambition of producing a vinyl record (Uncharted Places). Being up here in Oregon has helped me experience a new … Continue reading »

Passing by: Loscil, Newa, Need A Name, Umber, Northcape and Sonae

Loscil – Intervalo “Intervalo is the result of a collaboration between Seattle pianist Kelly Wyse and Vancouver’s loscil. Culminating from two live performances in 2012, first at Seattle’s Substrata Festival and later at Decibel Festival”. Quite honestly, the rework on Endless Falls is one of the most beautiful reinterpretations iver ever heard. Buy the EP … Continue reading »

Rhian Sheehan – Stories from Elsewhere

Every time I put my head down and write about an album from one of my favourite artists’ I check back to see how many superlatives i’ve already burnt on previous albums and posts, compare the differences, check the evolution and try to get a sense of any new direction the artist may have taken. … Continue reading »

Helios & Rhian Sheehan, Heathered Pearls & Loscil

Two matches made in heaven and two free downloads featuring these legendary artists. First, magic from New Zealand, as our favourite composer, Rhian Sheehan, remixes Helio’s classic track ‘Halving The Compass’, taken from Keith’s earlier album, Eingya. It remains close to the original, but Rhian’s emphasis just takes this track up a notch in atmosphere. … Continue reading »