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The perfect storm: A night with Voices from the Lake, The Sight Below and Eddie Lee

A rave that would make anything in the 1990′s proud. A masterclass in techno. And a meeting of likeminded friends. It was the perfect storm. My experience of Voices From The Lake before this party was as much as a large pair of headphones. I’ve heard their live sets were always pretty special and given … Continue reading »

Spotlight on Substrata 1.3

After a successful round of funding, Rafael Anton Irisarri’s third Substrata Festival¬†has announced it’s long anticipated line-up. Given many people contributed to this festival without even knowing any performers until now, is high praise for Rafael and his curation skills. But now we’ve got the names, I thought it’d be nice to take a little … Continue reading »

Stareaway – No Life In This Ghost Town (Exclusive stream)

This isn’t the first time Markus Guentner has teamed up with Heiko Badje, the man behind ‘La Grande Illusion‘. For those who like me, are big Markus Guentner fans, you may recall this special collaboration on one of Markus’ first notable tracks ‘Baghira‘ as featured on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2006. This is also their second … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 37 – Rafael Anton Irisarri: Substrata Edition

After moving to the USA, one of the very first things I did was ask Rafael Anton Irisarri if he was planning to host another Substrata Festival, in what would potentially be it’s 3rd edition. For two years ive sat and envied this festivals attendees, its ethos, its intimateness and of course its amazing lineup, … Continue reading »

Substrata 1.3 – Help make it happen

Substrata Festival, in Seattle (USA) is hoping to make its third edition come true this July and for anyone even remotely interested in ambient, modern-classical, drone or experimental music, this is one of the only weekend events in the world right now dedicated to these musical styles. It’s especially poignant for me as i’ve sat … Continue reading »