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Passing by: Lunar Testing Lab, Manual, Billow Observatory, Futuresequence and inputJunkie

It’s been over six months since we last heard from Lunar Testing Lab, and by all accounts Eric has been on another planet cooking up this superb ambient release in preparation for the coming season. It’s rare to hear this approach from LTL, and this album is his first focused piece in the genre, keeping … Continue reading »

Oomkah Dee & Black Sky Chant – Collage

A split ‘collage’ by Russian artists Oomkah Dee and¬†Black Sky Chant, available as a physical limited edition tape and available for free digitally. Two marginally different approaches, with Oomkah Dee focusing on ambient and neo-classical works from the likes of 36, Max Richter, Pausal, Arms and Sleepers, This Quiet Army, Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern, … Continue reading »

XLR8R Podcast 201: Robag Wruhme

That’s right, first post in a week. I’ve been busy, busy collecting lot’s of music for you all (expect some blog love this weekend), but today’s post comes straight from the tweetline of Dave Fisher. Robag Wruhme, one of my favourite techno producers continues to move on from the ‘Wighnomy Brothers’ seperation, first with a … Continue reading »

oki-ni presents PEAL by Ewan Pearson

Ewan Pearson was a steadfast remixer during the time I was knee deep in house vinyl. I’ve never actually checked, but I’d love to know how many of his remixes I inadvertently own from being on the flip side of so many of my favourite tracks from the early 2000’s. Ladytron, Chemical Brothers, Playgroup, Depeche … Continue reading »

Passing by: Dauwd, sgnl_fltr, Adam X, Loscil & Matthias Rock

I’m finding so much music recently, the odd track, mix or artist I’m yet to dig in to but desperate to share, not to mention all the stuff that you guys send me. So, I’m starting a new series of posts titled ‘Passing by’. Most of you will know where the inspiration for the title … Continue reading »