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Passing by: Markus Guentner, Odd Shapes, Audioglider, enh, Sonae and Mr Frankie

A few treats from ASIP regulars in this Passing By feature. Markus Guentner – Our Home A little gem released by Markus Guentner a few weeks back now; not to be missed and a free download. Dark, subdued and industrial with a reverberating bassline. Download on Soundcloud. Odd Shapes – Ice Cream Cathedral’s ‘The Ranger’ … Continue reading »

Uncharted Places: Double Transparent Vinyl now available

What started as a series of releases based on inspirational places, progressed into a collective of talented artists and inspirational location-based music. Always looking to progress and with a wealth of talent amongst them, this amazing collective then contributed towards a very special remix project called Uncharted Places. The brief was simple; take an existing … Continue reading »

Markus Guentner – Shadows Of The City

Progression and fate are two words that immediately come to mind after a few hours spent with Markus Guentner’s new record. Firstly, I know how proud Moodgadget owner Jakub Alexander must be to have one of his heroes release a record on his own label. Ever since Jakub enlisted Markus on remix duties for his … Continue reading »

Passing by: Markus Guentner, Verdant Recordings, Audioglider & Todos

Markus Guentner – Golden Fall Mix Not what you’re expecting from Markus, but for those not hemmed by genre this is a stunning detroit techno / deep house mix. Love it when ambient artists come out of their comfort zone, but then again, as shown with many of Markus’ recent remixes (such as his remix … Continue reading »

Passing by: Arovane, dalot, Petar Dundov, Fibreforms, Heathered Pearls & Leandro Fresco

Arovane – Ve Palor I’m quite surprised I haven’t seen a trending topic on twitter or something after n5MD announced the legendary Arovane would be returning to production duties… This is big news! Fans of electronica have long felt his absence. The likes of n5MD’s Loess, and Crisopa have done well to fill the void … Continue reading »