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Substrata 1.4 in review

This was my second year in a row making the trip up to Seattle for Rafael Anton Irisarri’s Substrata Festival, but this year, I approached it a little differently. Whereas last time I put together a festival preview and spent time looking into the artists’ involved, last year had afforded me enough trust in what … Continue reading »

Passing by: Markus Guentner, Odd Shapes, Audioglider, enh, Sonae and Mr Frankie

A few treats from ASIP regulars in this Passing By feature. Markus Guentner – Our Home A little gem released by Markus Guentner a few weeks back now; not to be missed and a free download. Dark, subdued and industrial with a reverberating bassline. Download on Soundcloud. Odd Shapes – Ice Cream Cathedral’s ‘The Ranger’ … Continue reading »

Uncharted Places: Double Transparent Vinyl now available

What started as a series of releases based on inspirational places, progressed into a collective of talented artists and inspirational location-based music. Always looking to progress and with a wealth of talent amongst them, this amazing collective then contributed towards a very special remix project called Uncharted Places. The brief was simple; take an existing … Continue reading »

Markus Guentner – Shadows Of The City

Progression and fate are two words that immediately come to mind after a few hours spent with Markus Guentner’s new record. Firstly, I know how proud Moodgadget owner Jakub Alexander must be to have one of his heroes release a record on his own label. Ever since Jakub enlisted Markus on remix duties for his … Continue reading »

Passing by: Markus Guentner, Verdant Recordings, Audioglider & Todos

Markus Guentner – Golden Fall Mix Not what you’re expecting from Markus, but for those not hemmed by genre this is a stunning detroit techno / deep house mix. Love it when ambient artists come out of their comfort zone, but then again, as shown with many of Markus’ recent remixes (such as his remix … Continue reading »