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isolatedmix 43 – Need a Name

It’s pretty hard to stand out from the crowd nowadays. I’m seeing less and less focus on ‘big albums’ or month-long hyped releases, and more attention being paid to a constant stream of quality – artists engaging their fans, rewarding them for their ongoing compassion and dedication. Artists that are embracing this new type of … Continue reading »

Passing by: Winter Flags, Blair French, Need A Name, Hammock & Doyeq.

Winter Flags and Blair French John Beltran recently launched a new label, titled ‘Dado Records’ the label’s focus is on film music, spanning a variety of genres from cinematic to ambient and rock. I’ve found it hard to keep up with the relentless amount of talent it’s put forward so far but two artists jumped … Continue reading »

Reflection on 2013

It’s been a pretty monumental year for me, both personally and for ASIP. I’ve moved to Portland, Oregon and started a new life in the Pacific North West and at the same time fulfilled a life-long ambition of producing a vinyl record (Uncharted Places). Being up here in Oregon has helped me experience a new … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 40 – Arts Learning Community: Away

Do you remember hearing your first recorded mix? Like most people, the first mixes I got into were live set recordings, often poor quality with dodgy mixing. But because they reflected your weekend moments, tracks you’ve never heard and new music styles, they were cherished beyond words in 128kbps formats ripped off Soulseek. Off the … Continue reading »

Markus Guentner – Not In Time, Just In Space

One of our favourite ambient curators has kindly put together this exclusive mix for us at ASIP, featuring a whole host of Places Series releases. Alongside the likes of Ex Confusion, Yeter, Nobuto Suda, Benjamin Dauer and Sonae, are forthcoming contributors Heathered Pearls and Leandro Fresco, not to mention Markus himself. Only Markus can bring … Continue reading »