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Neither scene nor heard: a journey through ambient music

I’ve seen a few articles over the past few years detailing the best ambient albums, the state of ambient or the return of ambient, and whilst they’re often very positive for the genre, the artists and every other person involved in making this type of music, I can’t help but feel a bit empty after reading … Continue reading »

ASIP – Fragments from the horizon

I never know where a mix inspiration is going to come from, or where it’s going to take me. That’s the fun of it I guess. However on hindsight, this one did end up having a particular theme to it which i’ve tried to describe with the words below and the main artwork. I hope … Continue reading »

Headphone Commute – Back To Mine

The brilliant Headphone Commute podcast has hit the mighty podcast milestone of 100 and to celebrate this centenary release, HC has compiled a pretty special ‘Back To Mine’ themed mix. Revisiting some of the inspirations that hit during the impactful time of the 90’s, it’s a fitting tribute to anyone who grew up listening to … Continue reading »

Passing by: Loess, Mark Pritchard, Global Communication & Monne Automne

I haven’t been hunting for vinyl for quite some time now, but Saturday just gone, I was lucky enough to find a treasure trove of tracks hiding amongst the racks at Reckless Records, London. Scroll to the bottom for Youtube previews (sorry if the page takes a while to load!) My best buy of the … Continue reading »

Hayhook – Global Communication Mixes

If this site wasn’t named ‘A Strangely Isolated Place’, it would probably be called, “76.14”. Without a doubt, the legends behind one of my favourite ambient/electronic albums of all time, Global Communication are an elusive pair nowadays. I had to pass up on a a rare gig not too long ago at the British Library … Continue reading »