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isolatedmix 39 – Billow Observatory: Summer Memories

The Billow Observatory’s self-titled album released last year was both highly anticipated (six years in the making) and hugely rewarding for many of us shoegaze inspired ambient listeners. The combination of Jonas Munk (who you should be familiar with already on ASIP with isolatedmix 21) and Auburn Lull guitarist Jason Kolb was a tantalising recipe … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 31 – Ametsub

A hero in his home nation,¬†Ametsub often finds himself sitting alongside Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine, and even The Beach Boys on Japanese record shelves. Since his first album in 2006, Akihito has become some-what of a national prodigy for electronic music and given his well-earned national respect, it’s unsurprising to see his latest album … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 23 – Carbon Based Lifeforms

Anybody see the link yet? That’s right, it’s both an honour and a privilege to introduce the 23rd isolatedmix, by none other than the legendary Carbon Based Lifeforms. Us CBL fans have been pretty lucky recently; two albums in successive years, with Interloper in 2010 and Twentythree in 2011. But, it hasn’t always been so. … Continue reading »

Passing by: Dedo, Brothomstates, Sundog, Fill & Mig Dfoe

Sundog – West Of Shetland Up first, a beautiful mix posted on the ASIP Facebook page by Andrew Emery aka Sundog. Titled ‘West of Shetland’, it features a cold yet strikingly beautiful mix of ambient, drone and electronica, with the analogue kings of nearby Scotland gracing the mix with several tracks and one of my … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 16 – Kettel

A producer of fine experimental, IDM and electronica, Kettel‘s sound has been instrumental in my years discovering music. Organic, with a massive appreciation of melody and ability to strike the most poignant and interesting electronic soundscapes, Kettel’s productions sit neatly alongside the likes of Aphex Twin’s finest productions, yet on a different day have the … Continue reading »