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isolatedmix 48 – Gidge

Atomnation, the Berlin-based label helmed by Applescal and Guido Hollaers, has slowly but surely introduced us to an undercurrent of young burgeoning producers over the past couple of years. Recent releases from David Douglas and Gidge, have truly separated the label from the extensive world of electronica being released right now and Gidge’s debut release … Continue reading »

Basicnoise – U.F.O 2

Peter Fanai returns with his second ambient collage, featuring classic tracks and a bunch of samples, with ‘Half Life’ playing a big part once again. Just like the first U.F.O mix, the artists mentioned need little introduction, similarly neither does the mix. This is how you should be spending the next hour-and-a-half… Download Tracklist: 00:00 … Continue reading »

Lost In The Halls of The Mountain King

Andy Green’s latest mix offering, a dive into some sublime ambient and dub-techno, very well mixed and superbly curated. Andy’s got a shed load of mixes posted up on his Soundcloud and website, with varying styles of techno, house and ambient. This one however, went down a treat with me, with some of my favourite … Continue reading »


You may remember me pointing out a track by Russian artist Bulb, which featured on ASC’s RA mix a few months ago. Well, annoyingly ‘Tenderness’ is still ‘forthcoming’ and yet to emerge from the underground. However… I’m still managing to get my fix by tuning in to Bulb’s alter-ego, Fill and two of his recent … Continue reading »

Octex, Ago Tela & Chilli Space

Today I stumbled across a mix that led me to discover a Slovenian barrage of quality electronic music… Octex’s 2006 mix for Filter 27 popped up in my feed again, after being re-posted due to its popularity on the site. A mammoth 70 tracks long, the Slovenian producer takes us on a long ambient & … Continue reading »