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Mr Blue – Darkest Star Set

It’s been a while since i’ve featured a no-holds-barred, no genre defined, all-star line-up kinda mix. The kind of mix that everyone want’s to put together every now and then – an advanced ‘favourite’ playlist if you like. A bunch of classic tracks that instead of withering away on the left-hand side of iTunes, are … Continue reading »

ASIP Mix for Origami Sound

It’s been nearly two months now since Herne from the brilliant Origami Sound site approached me, asking if I’d be interested in guest posting a few tracks on the site. Since then, I’ve got to know him pretty well and we share an immense amount in common for discovering new artists, spending an enormous amount … Continue reading »


After the devastation in Japan, hundreds of artists, labels and individuals came together to support and raise money for the relief effort. It’s humbling to see things like this happen, especially when it’s artists that I have come to love and respect for other reasons, and who then go the extra step to help those … Continue reading »

Origami Sound Wrap 1

As most of you know, I’ve been moonlighting on Origami Sound for the past week or so now. Old, new, favourite’s, and future classics; no rules just some great music that’s worth sharing to as many people as possible. Of course, I wouldn’t want ASIP readers to miss out, so I’ll be summarising the tracks … Continue reading »

ASC Deep Space 18 and 19

Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s something to help ease the hangover pain – the latest Deep Space installments by ASC. Pop over to the ASC blog to download or use the links below. For links to previous Deep Space mixes, see here. Deep Space 18: Download 1. Atheus – Stella Mortis 2. Solar Fields … Continue reading »