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Porya Hatami – Shallow (Remixed)

Iran’s Porya Hatami has returned nearly one year after his much beloved album on Tench, Shallow, with a remix EP. Packed full of greatness, the EP enlists the help of many favourites that have adorned both ASIP in the past, and the label behind this new venture, Dewtone. To start, Fen is a 21 minute … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 52 – Sebastian Mullaert

2006 and I’m sat in Crosstown Rebels HQ working as a label assistant. When I say HQ, I mean a house in Dalston (London) that doesn’t get-going until 10am and serves as a party house well into the early hours. My stay with Crosstown Rebels was short-lived, and back then the label consisted of just … Continue reading »

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 1994 – 2015

… doesn’t exist. But as many of you know, a shed-load of tracks have been uploaded to Soundcloud by RDJ – totalling longer than his entire official discography, here. I spent some time putting my favourite tracks in the style of SAW into one playlist below. There’s parallels to SAW II and the likes of Blue Calx … Continue reading »

ASIPV002 – Europe Vinyl Case

Kevin Bryce has once again been hard at work putting together something very special for our vinyl release, Europe. Similar to his custom CD cases for Uncharted Places, the electronica artist turned his skills to the woodwork studio to surpass all expectations and create a unique piece of art to accompany our second vinyl release. Made with Walnut, finished … Continue reading »

isolatedmix 51 – Kiyoko

With just one album and two EP’s to their name so far, Jack Lever and Joe McBride are just at the beginning of their journey together as Kiyoko, but setting a ridiculously high standard from the off. Individually, the duo’s productions have spread far and wide as Synkro (Joe) and Bering Strait (Jack) on labels … Continue reading »