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isolatedmix 44 – Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe

Hiroshi Watanabe has been releasing records since 1996, with styles ranging from deep house to his more recognized ambient/electronica works on Kompakt under the guise of Kaito. A stalwart for the label for the past twelve years, Hiroshi has clocked up no less than eight albums and recently released the rather brilliant ‘Less Time Until … Continue reading »

Purl – Behind Clouds

The man behind Dewtone’s very first release three years ago, Ludvig Cimbrelius, aka Purl, is back with another slice of ethereal electronica that once again sets both himself and the label apart from the rest. Titled ‘Behind Clouds’, and with a stunning photograph from Denmark’s Christopher Landin, it’s easy to get lost amongst the lengthy … Continue reading »

Passing By: Carbon Based Lifeforms, Ourson, Vermont, GWFAA, & Ametsub

Carbon Based Lifeforms – The Path This is CBL before they were even CBL. This is spaced-out ambient music from Sweden before we even knew there were producers IN Sweden. This is music thats spinning off the back of The Orb, FSOL and Aphex Twin in the late 90′s; mixing psychedelic soundtracks, samples, synthesizers and … Continue reading »

Segue – The Here And Now

Segue’s big announcement to us all came through Silent Season last year with ‘Pacifica‘ [review here]- one of my favourite albums of 2013 and probably my #1 when it came to the more dub-techno-orientated bunch. It seems like Jordan is probably one of the only people I know who can add a slice of positivity … Continue reading »

The perfect storm: A night with Voices from the Lake, The Sight Below and Eddie Lee

A rave that would make anything in the 1990′s proud. A masterclass in techno. And a meeting of likeminded friends. It was the perfect storm. My experience of Voices From The Lake before this party was as much as a large pair of headphones. I’ve heard their live sets were always pretty special and given … Continue reading »