Kit Fegradoe’s interest in music began with regular pot and pan drumming sessions in his old living room. Exposed to a wide range of music from a young age Kit found himself exploring all sorts of styles on instruments before moving to electronics. From about 12 he was messing around with music production programs, but wasn’t serious until the age of sixteen. Kit aims to experience as many sounds from as many different places as possible, to bring together the sonic beauty that exists and to build something new out of it.

ASIP001: Kit – Trẻ em

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Ian Handsley lives in an old hotel in a small fishing village on Japan’s Pacific coast. Under the alias of enh, Ian makes music and programmes mixes to go with this locale: deep blue expanses of ocean, weather alternating between the sublime and the diabolical, and the strange ennui that comes with being isolated in such a beautiful but foreign place. Ian also runs a superb mix series call KIX on Oasis Radio.

ASIP002: enh – Roke

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relapxych.0 aka Anders Peterson (A.P) is a sound designer, composer and audio postproduction engineer, who runs GS Mastering & Post, providing audio post solutions. Anders also runs a label called Ghost Sounds, and records music under a couple of different aliases.

ASIP003: relapxych.0 – Tegelbacken Nightlights

Soundcloud | Website

Ex Confusion

Atsuhito Omori is a self taught musician currently recording in what can only be described as ‘soloist ambient’. Utilizing a lone guitar or piano to put his feelings into sound, Ex Confusion weaves simple overlapping patterns into slow moving arcs of beauty and clarity. Omori has releases on U-Cover records, Rural Colours, Heat Death and Somehow recordings. Ex Confusion was also featured on Keith Kenniff’s ‘For Nihon’ Japanese quake relief compilation in 2011. His second album ‘Embrace’ was released by n5MD in the spring of 2012.

ASIP004: Where The Time Goes

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Levi Patel

Given time and experience, Levi’s initial proclivity held for pop-rock progressed towards influences of a more ambient and cinematic kind. The maturation of his style has culminated in sounds reminiscent of Rhian Sheehan’s neo-classicality, with a dash of Sigur Rós’ post-rock, and he has now begun to write scores for short films.

ASIP005: Levi Patel – Dissociation

Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Marc Atmost

Mar’yan Kitsenko, the real name of Marc, was born and raised in small provincial town with large industrial objects on the bank of the Dnieper River, in central Ukraine. As he grew up he watched the decay of once great country and observed people becoming dry spiritually. After producing techno and rave, Marc ended up residing in a more thoughtful production approach, spanning ambient, dub-techno and drum-n-bass. Marc is also co-founder of Energostatic Records, one of our favourite CC net-labels here on ASIP.

ASIP006: Marc Atmost – Herbicides Over Small Fields


Kevin Bryce

Kevin Bryce’s first studio was a portable cassette recorder and a tiny Casio keyboard. After many years playing in all sorts of bands from jazz to folk to punk, he produces ambient and downtempo music in a small room next to the Pacific ocean.

ASIP007: Kevin Bryce – The Park By Franklin

Soundcloud | Website


Federleicht is the heimat of belgium ambient artist Jens Vydt, who works under a various of monikers including Herbstlaub, Fehlleistungen and Die Nachtstunde. It’s as Herbstlaub that we fell in love with Jens’ ambient productions with the release of ‘Streets Aren’t For Dreaming Youth‘ and now, his status as a master of lush, textured ambient has been solidified with his Places Series release.

ASIP008: Herbstlaub – Oostmalle Airport

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Nobuto Suda

Nobuto Suda is a multidisciplinary artist and musician hailing from Hushimi in Kyoto, Japan. Nobuto focuses on ambient/drone pieces using an electric guitar and various field recordings to create simple yet beautiful ambient and drone music.

ASIP009 Nobuto Suda – Nobody Levee

Soundcloud | Web | Bandcamp

Arrows Down

Arrows Down is a solo artist living in London. His productions vary from acoustic to pure electronic, but are always grounded with his flair and passion for instrumental. His album ‘Tethered’ is set for a September 2012 release.

ASIP010 Arrows Down – Swings

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Dom, Andy and Mark form one of London’s most innovative and unique audio-visual electronic acts. With two well received albums out on the legendary Just Music and recent remixes for Max Cooper, they are currently working on new material after a three-year album hiatus.

ASIP011 Echaskech – 626

Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Web | isolatedmix

Wakan Tanka

Wakan Tanka, as a concept, and unique blending of multiple styles and production techniques was founded on a certain lack of fulfillment in both Nathan Cooke and Jordan de Graaf’s previous musical exploits, and the types of music available at the moment. Wakan Tanka is an attempt to combine elements of folk, and guitar rock with loop-based production, and electronic atmospherics. Most fundamentally however, Wakan Tanka’s focus is on the idea of progression. No matter what ‘genre’ any Wakan Tanka track most embodies, it will always be called “progressive.”

ASIP012 Wakan Tanka – Pinnacle


Public Transport

Public Transport is the alias of Maine native Duncan Bailey. Influenced just as much by Boards of Canada as by My Bloody Valentine, he combines his love of shoegaze with synesthetic electronics to create his own style of dream pop.

ASIP013 Public Transport – Rosenheim

Web | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter

Markus Guentner

With releases on Kompakt and Sending Orbs dating back to 2001, Markus is quite literally a master of his art. The legendary German artist played a big part in defining the ‘Pop Ambient’ sound which widened the scope of such a small genre and by virtue earned the love of many more fans, who fell for his utterly unique and distinguished ambient sound – me for one.

ASIP014 Markus Guentner – Talking Clouds

Web | Facebook | Soundcloud | isolatedmix


Jethro Cooke lives in Totnes, Devon, a beautiful part of the country with a great open-minded and alternative community. His first real burst of excitement and creativity came when he purchased a handheld recorder, sampling anything interesting he could find; instruments, people, machinery, animals, pots and pans; cataloguing the sounds of his town and forging them into weird and wonderful compositions. Over the last couple of years Jethro has moved further into the realm of EDM and synthesis based music and ‘Dart’ represents a return to roots, of sorts.

ASIP015 Yeter – Dart

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Mig Dfoe

Juan Miguel Camacho Sánchez aka Mig Dfoe resides in Barcelona and hit the world with remixes on Traum Schallplatten and his debut album ‘The Stone Master’ on the labels offshoot, Zaubernuss. Modest in his ways, Mig combines delicate percussion with his recent love of techno to produce unique and refreshing productions ranging from piano-led ambient to 4×4 stomping techno.

ASIP016 Mig Dfoe – Playa La Llorona

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Sonia Güttler lives in Cologne, Germany, where she works as a DJ and author, besides studies at The University of Applied Science. She also hosts regular DJ nights at Barracuda Bar and Zoo Schänke Ehrenfeld. ‘Cologne’ is Sonae’s debut release.

ASIP017 Sonae – Cologne

Soundcloud |


Parks is the solo project of composer and musician, Igor Bystrov from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He has been making music since the early 90’s, yet his style is as original, as unique and as impressive as you could wish for. A true master of sample processing and transformation.

ASIP018 Parks – Black Day, Silver Sea

Web | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | isolatedmix


Norge’s release on ASIP is his first, and hopefully the first of many. Hailing from Russia, this talented young producer has a bright future ahead of him.

ASIP019 Norge – 165 Minutes With You


Odd Shapes

Odd Shapes made his first big impact in September 2011, playing live gigs in Denmark where he is based. In February 2012, Asger Bruun Hansen signed on the label Origami Sound after having released a remix and a single track. On April the 2nd Odd Shapes’ debut EP was released through Dark Clover Records which is a sister label to Origami Sound.

ASIP020 Odd Shapes – Desert Plant

Facebook | Soundcloud

Textural Being

For more than a decade now, Sage Taylor has been experimenting with sounds and music towards one ultimate goal: To produce sounds that accurately mimic either emotion or nature itself. As long as he has the will to continue, and the beauty of the pacific northwestern United States to draw inspiration from, the world can expect his pool of works to slowly but steadily grow.

ASIP021 Textural Being – Vantage Points

Soundcloud | isolatedmix


Based in London, AUDIOGLIDER has released tracks on Global Underground, Morrison Recordings and Exceptional Records, with a soon to be released EP and album in the pipeline on Tripswitch’s Section records

Audioglider’s 80’s inspired downtempo, weaves a shoegaze sensibility together with a funk and dub based rhythm section, that’s not afraid to utilize some of the more interesting structures found in more club based music.

ASIP022 Audioglider – Heathaze Days

Soundcloud | Facebook | isolatedmix

Benjamin Dauer

Benjamin Dauer is a Washington, DC, based musician and composer who explores the boundaries of modern music through experimentation and play. Studying various musical styles since the age of 10, he is an accomplished, forward-thinking musician with over 20 years of performance, production and composition experience.

ASIP023 Benjamin Dauer – Twenty Three and Twenty Six

Web | Soundcloud | Twitter

Horizontal Excursions

Roger Martinez is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Netherlands. He mainly works in the field of music, but is also an avid painter and poetry writer. His main musical projects “Roger Martinez LIVE” and “Horizontal Excursions” have gained him the respect and support of artists and music lovers from all over the musical spectrum. Besides being a performing artist, Roger is also a lecturer and educator. He has created a course in which he educates people and helps them becoming skilled performing artists themselves.

ASIP024 Horizontal Excursions – Symphonica Helvetica

Web | Soundcloud | Facebook

Stray Theories

Stray Theories is the ambient electronica project of Australian born musician/composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe who is currently based in New Zealand. Heavily influenced by minimal ambient, post-rock & electronica, his music is a fusion of melodic ambience & deep textured soundscapes.The sounds of Stray Theories have appeared on over 50 ambient & downtempo compilation releases, many documentaries, short films, film/multimedia projects and art installations. Tracks & Remixes have been released on a multitude of labels throughout Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

ASIP025 Stray Theories – Frozen Skies

Web | Soundcloud | Facebook

Leandro Fresco

With notorious contributions to Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series in 2003 and more recently in 2013, Buenos Aires born Leandro has become a master of the ambient genre and a pioneer for deep textured sounds.

ASIP026 Leandro Fresco – Almas Sin Prisa

Web | Twitter | Facebook| isolatedmix


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