Passing By: Mind Over Midi, Bjorn Rohde, Fabrizio Frisan, Alveol and Porya Hatami


Mind Over Midi – Polyphony

The latest project out of the forests of BC sees Helge Tømmervåg and Taylor Dupree pair up for the sonic presentation of Mind Over Midi‘s, “Polyphony”. This is the kind of rainy day dub you want to cozy up to beside the fire. The impressive physical editions have already sold out, but plenty of digital pleasantries available. One of the highlights of the year so far. Download on Bandcamp.

Alveol – Glitter Path (Arunachala Version)

Fans of Alveol and Purl might not be aware of Ludvig Cimbrelius’ personal Bandcamp page. There you can find a formidable collection of tracks that include his earlier work as Rust, Surr and Xpire, rare albums and notable singles. It’s well worth taking a day to go through and it’s all available by donation. Show him some love. Visit LC on Bandcamp.

Exif – Landscape of Souls

Bjorn Rohde finds his way back into the Dewtone lineup with an homage to German painter Caspar David Friedrich. Rohde presents this work under a newly formed “exif” moniker, but it carries many of the same respected qualities found in his solo ambient and dub work. Lots of crackling textures, patient builds and colorful scenes will ensure this diverse 5-track EP grow on you in no time. Download on Bandcamp.

Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami – The Longing Daylight

This won’t be the last time you hear about Porya Hatami this year. His forthcoming project with Lee Anthony Norris is just under a month away, but samples and pre-orders are already online. Taylor Dupree on the master here too. I’ve heard the full work and it’s an ambient album you’ll be happy not to miss. Pre-order on Bandcamp.

Fabrizio Frisan – Langur Sight

Fabrizio Frisan’s latest album for Sleep Is Commercial lead me back to his earlier work for the Berlin imprint. This impressive (and completely free) album has all the markings of a talented sound designer cutting his teeth in the world of original composition. Playful and unique environments engage this superbly produced cinematic experience that makes for a perfect nighttime escape. Download the full album on Soundcloud.



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  1. new Album is out!!!
    Check it here:

    Posted by Fabrizio Frisan | April 11, 2014, 4:35 am

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