ASIP029 Halo – Song Of The Highest Tower

ASIP029 Halo

At just 22 years of age, Italian prodigy Pasquale Riviezzo is one of the most promising talents we’re yet to feature in The Places Series. Playing the piano for over eleven years and the guitar for over six, you may know Pasquale from his lush ambient productions on Dewtone from 2012; but it’s here, amongst detailed field recordings, emotional scores and vivid instrumental journeys that Halo really shines as a talented composer.

His Places Series EP, titled ‘Song Of The Highest Tower’ captures what he describes as, “something very intimate and close to the artist’s personality and subjectivity” – something “incidental to the artist’s mind” or what some of us may simply call, creative expression. And as most us know, there’s no better way to bring this to life than a combination of enigmatic strings, poignant melodies and a heart-felt back story.

We’ve all experienced those moments when we capture a perfect image in our minds eye; those indelible scenes we can recall with perfect clarity. These snapshots might last a lifetime or disappear as quickly as they were realized but in that split-second, for composer Pasquale Riviezzo, it’s a preservation of a very personal kind.

“I usually travel from Milan to Naples for my university studies. These are images of places that I saw in a misty morning while I was on the train, that were fixed in my heart for a moment, mixed with flowing feelings and thoughts. They maybe became different places after that, but this is a story I’d like to tell you, through notes. It’s how a common place becomes intimate, and then a strangely isolated place.”

Inspired by transit and transcendence, misty mornings and fleeting connection, Pasquale’s EP is a collection that’s characterized by weighty piano chords, ethereal atmospheres and measured use of string to give tracks a melancholic focus. It allows ‘An Isolated Railway’ to drift along measured string and gentle piano, ‘Cloud Gate’ to swell with the soft vision of rolling Cumulus and the heavens opening, and the maudlin melody of ‘The Inner Realm’ to breathe through the dead space and atmosphere.

‘An Isolated Railway is the abandoned station you see through the window while you’re travelling to another town,” Pasquale explains. “It’s an isolated place, vanishing in the mist, where few voices are heard and a train is passing by, and The Inner Realm is am indefinite sequence of places, a continuous flow of emotions that paints a landscape in the air.”

‘Cloud Gate’ is when the gate of clouds opens wide and the rain starts falling and I’ll listen to ‘The Wastelands’ with closed eyes and see sounds painting a landscape in the imaginary space. I called that place ‘The Wastelands’ because it feels like a distant landscape brought back for a just moment, then, just like a dream, at the end you open your eyes and there’s no trace left. Just a subtle sensation of having been there, somewhere, sometime.”

(Place introduction by Reef Younis)

Download the full EP and all other formats inc FLAC + WAV via Bandcamp

Song of the Highest Tower. Inspired by a poem by Arthur Rimbaud.

Oisive jeunesse
A tout asservie,
Par délicatesse
J’ai perdu ma vie.
Ah ! Que le temps vienne
Où les coeurs s’éprennent.

Je me suis dit : laisse,
Et qu’on ne te voie :
Et sans la promesse
De plus hautes joies.
Que rien ne t’arrête,
Auguste retraite.

J’ai tant fait patience
Qu’à jamais j’oublie

Oisive jeunesse
A tout asservie,
Par délicatesse
J’ai perdu ma vie.
Ah ! Que le temps vienne
Où les coeurs s’éprennent.

Artwork photo titled “la città che muore” by Bruno _pek_ 

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