A warm welcome to a new voice on ASIP: Dustin Morris


It gives me great pleasure and excitement to announce that Dustin Morris will begin contributing to ASIP in 2014.

Many of you will know Dustin as the man behind Dewtone. Featured individually on ASIP with his ‘Waterscapes‘ mix and more recently with two stand-out tracks from his label on ‘Reflection: 2013′, Dustin heads-up a label and community of artists that I have grown to love and respect. He approaches his work with a similarly strong ethos in which I approach everything here on ASIP and I couldn’t think of a better music-head to help discover, feature and write about what we all enjoy.

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Dustin comes from a rich area of creative minds, alongside the likes of Loscil, Segue and another great music community which I’m sure you’re all familiar with, Silent Season. After my move to (the nearish) Portland area, and undoubtedly with the help of a similar time-zone, Dustin and I began sharing music ideas and the Pacific North West force grew stronger.

His love for music writing has been brought to life on Exclaim.ca, recently covering the likes of Air Texture, Petar Dundov, Jon Hopkins, John Beltran, James Holden and Segue to name just a few – artists I love and many I’ve previously covered here on ASIP. ¬†Dustin will continue to help shine a light on an area of music he still feels is largely unrepresented – a delight to the hundreds of artists that struggle to reach a wider-audience and good news for people like me, always on the hunt for the perfect sound.

Below are some additional (very kind) words from Dustin and a little more background. Please join me in welcoming Dustin to the ASIP family!

Thanks Ryan! I should definitely start by saying that I couldn’t be happier to be contributing to a resource that I’ve had a huge amount of respect for over these last few years. The community that’s formed around Ryan’s passion and approach to sharing music is a testament to his integrity and drive to support the artists he cares about. Artists do often struggle to reach larger audiences, but that’s because they are busy doing what they should be doing: innovating, creating, making music. That’s where people like Ryan come in. He’s done an amazing job developing a trusted corner of the web for like-minded discoveries and I hope to help expand our reach in the new year.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade searching for music that would take me to places I’ve yet to travel. It can be an obsessive cycle. Once discoveries are made, you hunger for the next journey. The best music is never rushed to meet a deadline though, or a public demand, nor is it intended to be enjoyed for only a brief period of time. You quickly learn how important it is to find ways to facilitate the growth of the artists that provide these experiences. That’s essentially why I started Dewtone and why I’m looking forward to this new collaboration. I’ve since been very fortunate to work closely with a handful of people that have had a profound influence on my tastes (like Purl, Nikosf. and Sven Laux). There are many more that continue to have a significant influence on me and I can assure you they will be popping up from time to time here.

Ryan and I share respect for many artists including Markus Guentner, Nils Frahm, Thomas Fehlmann, and a few already mentioned. We’re also working on a couple of additional ASIP-related things behind the scenes and hopefully we’ll be sharing those with you soon.



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  1. Yay! Welcome Dustin!

    Posted by Michelle Tackabery | December 17, 2013, 7:37 am

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