Fussganger – EP1


The new Bandcamp fan pages and recently launched ‘feed’ has been paying off for me lately. It’s awesome to see what other people are buying, especially when bandcamp doesn’t yet have a decent way to explore new music (you’d have thought by now they’d have something akin to last.fm, based on what you’ve previously purchased etc). My latest discovery was this EP by Fussganger – a quality four-track dub-techno release.

The first track sold it. ‘Akku’ features a rather tasty melody which appears under the main rolling bass about half way through the track – a sudden warm surprise surrounded by clicks, a distant Kraftwerk style vocal and other quirky welcoming noises.

More of a straight-up dub-techno track, ‘Heat Haze’ continues the deep atmospherics until the extremely dubby ‘Sleep’ takes over. The EP ends with ‘March’, a progressively tantalising track with dark pads and a unique drum pattern that perhaps, was mean’t to reflect the title.

It’s hard to write home about dub-techno sometimes, and the last three tracks on this EP could easily slip under the radar. But not since Bjorn Rohde’s Forgotten Hearts has a dub-techno track like ‘Akku’ hit the spot. The others may not be up to its supremacy, but they certainly make for a pretty special EP which will be on repeat for a while yet. And we can only hope, given the name of this EP, that there’s more to come from Fussganger.

Available at bandcamp or below – name your own price. Oh and if you use bandcamp, follow my fan profile here and dig up some more beauties like this!


2 Responses to “Fussganger – EP1”

  1. As a DT tragic – this is my release of the year. Strong and assured. Thanks for the pointer.

    Posted by Mike Marinos | November 10, 2013, 2:45 am
  2. Really great and mesmerizing music! I’ve just bought it, reminds me Mille Plateaux productions…

    Posted by ars robota | November 10, 2013, 3:58 am

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