Rich-Ears – Chills & Stills (ASIP 5th Anniversary)

Rich-Ears - Chills & Stills

Over the five years ASIP has been running, i’ve been lucky enough to meet some very talented musicians along with many people that share the same passion as me when it comes to chilled music. One of those is the talented dutchman Rich-Ears.

ASIP has featured many of Rich-Ears mixes over the years. From The Sound of Ancient Leafs and Bamboo, and his interpretation of Balearic Brilliance, right up until his latest instalment with Flying White Dots, ‘ Awoken’. His signature style is synonymous with the loosely termed genre ‘chill-out’ but it’s not until you’ve gone on a journey with Xander that you truly start to appreciate what constitutes true ‘chill-out’ music.

Rich-Ears latest mix very kindly pays homage to the past five years on ASIP; curating some of his favourites alongside some beautifully inconspicuous tracks to form another horizontal master-piece. Artwork provided by yet another talent; Hikaru, aka @capturecollect

Thank you Xander!

Chills & Stills (for ASIP – 5th anniversary) by Rich_Ears on Mixcloud



01. Ursula Rucker, feat. Gary Smalls – Spiri-Chant
02. Prefuse 73 – Altoid Addiction
03. Jello – Shinoque
04. Jean Michel Jarre – Magnetic Fields Part 3.1
05. Jon Hopkins – Reprise
06. Iasos – Formentera Sunset Clouds
07. Vernon LeNoir – Russian View On Art
08. BBC – Communication Revolution 2
09. Unkle – Unkle Sample 2
10. Laswell – Drafting Shadows / Leaving La Habana [Peaceful]
11. The Future Sound of London – Glaicer (Part 1)
12. Christophe Goze – Solitude
13. Derek Jarman – Pearl Fishers in Azure Seas
14. Helios – Buldir
15. Super Numeri – The Coastal Bird Scene Part 1
16. Pink Floyd & The Orb – Drooling & Raving
17. Mileece – Tau
18. Monolake – Venice Beach
19. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Die rote Kathedrale
20. The Orb – Pluto Calling [Twinkle]
21. Streamer – Sleep Walks



2 Responses to “Rich-Ears – Chills & Stills (ASIP 5th Anniversary)”

  1. Beautiful! Another wonderful contribution to the world of music featuring Rich-Ears. A new top three has come to be. “Awoken”… “Earth Apogee”… And, now, “Chills & Stills”… Thank you.

    Posted by Bryan | October 22, 2013, 7:29 pm


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