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I haven’t come across this website and podcast series before, and judging by the two mixes i’ve experienced so far this week ‘Seek Sick Sound’ is definitely one to bookmark for the future and worth a dig around the current curators they’ve got up there.

Recent n5MD debutant Ocoeur provides a glorious IDM mix for his fellow French hosts, featuring much of his own material from his latest album ‘Light As A Feather’ (full album stream here). More info and tracklist.


The star of the show so far goes to 36 who provides a haunting, rich introspective mix of dark ambient and at times, surprisingly beautiful pieces – much of what we have come to expect of Dennis. It begins with old vocal samples and what seems like a descent down a very scary hole, with ASC’s new Central Industrial output setting the tone. But Dennis throws in an interesting mixture of sounds that whip you back up again – my favourite part being the introduction of Quiet Village’s ‘Victorias Secret’ after what seemed like hours of coma-inducing moments. More info and tracklist.


And lastly, this epic by Solar Fields. Going by the tracklist, this mix looks to have provided another epic journey, similar to his isolatedmix, combining Luke Abbott with Aphex, Black Mass, Coldcut and David Holmes.


Next up on for me will be the Petar Dundov mix, (I loved his Ideas From The Pond album and his new album ‘Sailing Off The Grid‘ due for early September release and sounding amazing), Greg Haines, and Pleq – the first in the series, consisting of his own works.



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  1. Thank you for promoting our website and have fun listening to all of them :)

    Posted by Artem | September 2, 2013, 10:17 am

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