Passing by: Loscil, Newa, Need A Name, Umber, Northcape and Sonae


Loscil – Intervalo

“Intervalo is the result of a collaboration between Seattle pianist Kelly Wyse and Vancouver’s loscil. Culminating from two live performances in 2012, first at Seattle’s Substrata Festival and later at Decibel Festival”. Quite honestly, the rework on Endless Falls is one of the most beautiful reinterpretations iver ever heard. Buy the EP including a limited edition White Vinyl.

Newa – Hedgehog

Martin Nonstatic features as remixer on this lovely dub-techno EP, recently released on Subspiele. Also featuring remixes by Esko Barba and Frank Sebastian, the four tracks make for a deep atmospheric half-hour of escapism, with only subtle but enjoyable differences in each of the remixes. Download here.

Rhian Sheehan – Places Between (Need A Name remix)
Talking of remixes, this one from Need A Name is also worthy of a mention. taking Rhian’s already intense and emotional sound, Need A Name adds a deep breath to the track with some slow beats and additional accents on the original melody. Free download. Also worth mentioning ‘Road to Berlin‘ too, another sublime track from NAN which was recently put up for free download.

Umber – Sunshine Young

Alex Steward returns with his third album ‘Sunshine Young, another artfully crafted piece of folk-esque, acoustic focused ambient. The attention here should be on the intricate string-work no doubt, reminiscent of the aforementioned Rhian Sheehan. As I said some two-years ago with Alex’s first album, ‘Morning’s Pass’, Alex is a hidden gem amongst this type of work and certainly worthy of bigger things and more listens. Buy the album on bandcamp here.

Northcape – Exploration and Ascent
For those that were left a little disappointed at Ulrich Schnauss’ release this year, which saw him dive into even more brilliant unknowns and not return to the sound most people fell in love with, and those who eagerly anticipate the next Boards of Canada album, Northcape may help fill this void.

Again, another producer who deserves more attention, Northcape’s album has long been in the works it seems (and still isn’t fully here yet), but there’s plenty of album teasers and a chance to pre-order when it comes out on Sun Sea Sky productions May 14th. It will also be followed by what looks to be an amazing remix album featuring efforts by dalot, Melorman, Specta Ciera, åpne sinn, Rykard and others. Preorder the CD on bandcamp.

Sonae – Piano Kratz

You can’t take your eyes off this lady, with her attentive crackles and techno influenced piano works. Like most of Sonae’s productions, Piano Kratz quickly lulls you into what seems like an innocent and melodic, happy place, but leaves your mind wandering elsewhere resulting from slight changes in key. Free download.

Post image ‘Underpass’ taken this week in Sao Paulo as I try escape the concrete jungle with the sounds of the above.



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