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Substrata Festival, in Seattle (USA) is hoping to make its third edition come true this July and for anyone even remotely interested in ambient, modern-classical, drone or experimental music, this is one of the only weekend events in the world right now dedicated to these musical styles. It’s especially poignant for me as i’ve sat and read, listened (and cried) with envy over the people who’ve managed to be there these past few years, but now i’m living in Portland, this festival is just a short flight away. So in a hope that it goes off swimmingly, that some of you get to attend and that we can post some exciting content leading up to and from the festival, I thought i’d put together this short intro to help raise the awareness of the campaign funding.

The festival curator, Rafael-Anton Irisarri (also known as The Sight Below) is pretty much guaranteed to pull in an extraordinary lineup this year, going by what he’s managed to achieve for the past two editions. “Our goal is to create an immersive weekend experience that engages the audience in a dialog with the artists that goes beyond the constrains of traditional performer/listener interactions”, and those who have graced this ethos so far include Biosphere, Eluvium, Nils Frahm, Benoît Pioulard, Marcus Fischer, Scanner, Lawrence English, Daniel Menche, Pan•American, Tim Hecker, Loscil, and Widesky – can it get much better this year?!!

And the part i’m most excited about is a little outing at the end of the weekend, especially as i’m new to the North West Pacific: “At its nucleus: a two-day performance program, followed by an auditory field trip to the beautiful Cascade mountain range. During the field trip, a small group of participants will spend time with the performing artists while capturing environmental recordings. This exercise will foster a newfound appreciation for our natural surroundings and create a platform for meaningful interaction between artists/participants while exploring a new locality”.

To help make sure that Rafael can continue to bring in some amazing acts from all around the world, there’s currently a Indiegogo funding campaign with some pretty great thank-you gifts should you wish to donate, including: an exclusive Markus Guentner mix, signed physical music from featuring artists and at it’s best, your very own record from Rafael himself. The festival is set to happen the weekend of July 18-21 and if you’d like to help make it happen you can do so here.

If you end up going, then please get in touch – i’d love to meet up.

Nils Frahm-Live at Substrata Fest 1.1 from Alison Doyle on Vimeo.

Biosphere @ Substrata 1.1 from watson on Vimeo.


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  1. This sounds like it will be an amazing experience. I will save up to go!

    Posted by Drew | March 8, 2013, 11:54 am

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