Passing by: Arc Of Doves, Solar Fields, Segue, Mikkel Metal and Annastay

Segue Live

Arc of Doves – Never Let Me Go

Originally released one year ago (more info here), Arc of Doves’ beautiful album ‘Never Let Me Go’ is now available on limited edition CD via rohs! records. Buy here and preview below.

Solar Fields – Origin 02

Magnus seems to be pretty busy these past few years, but this is probably because we’ve been treated to The Origin Series – a collection of resurfaced works that he has revisited and re-polished ready for our spaced-out electronic induced ears. You can read a recent Igloomag interview with Solar Fields here and listen to a preview of Origin 02 below. Available March 8th on Ultimae

Segue Live @ Lui Centre (Experimedia)

After such a great reception, Segue seems to have had the desired impact across the ambient/dub-techno sphere with his latest album ‘Pacifica‘ on Silent Season, with a vinyl version apparently now in the works (posted a few weeks back here). Below is a live-set taken from Experimedia’s recent ‘A Motion to Stillness’ performance that took place on December 21, 2012. “In partnership with the UBC Liu Institute for Global Issues and Silent Season Records, the evening was filled with modern meditative dub and ambient music”.

The set features many of Segue’s tracks on Pacifica, so if you missed it last time, make sure you absorb this time around. Download.

BULK Mix #17: Quilla by Mikkel Metal

Mikkel Metal is one of those artist’s that has always floated around in the background with the odd appearance, namely on Echocord and more recently, Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2013. I’ve found myself liking everything he touches and this mix is another shining example. Ambient, growing into more minimal techno pieces, it’s dark, yet subtly melodic and definitely original. A rare journey into the unknown. There’s also a short interview over on the originating Danish website Bulk. Thanks to Pete Srdic for the heads-up on this one. Download.

Annastay – The Greys Between Us

A mix by Annastay, one of her first to be put out into the wild, crossed my radar recently and is definitely worthy of more listens. For those that like the more electronic, sometimes titled ‘Chillstep’ or ‘Future Garage’ sound of artists like Burial or Volar Flex, crossed with more contemporary pieces from AWVFTS or Nils Frahm, then this mix is for you. Subtly blended and very considered in its approach Annastay manages to combine these contradicting styles to perfection. Download.


One Response to “Passing by: Arc Of Doves, Solar Fields, Segue, Mikkel Metal and Annastay”

  1. Thank you sir.
    I’ve become an Arc Of Doves addict the last few weeks after only recently discovering his beautiful and very special music. Really emotionally affecting stuff and the new album is right on the mark. Just gorgeous & highly recommended.

    Posted by petesrdic | March 5, 2013, 5:47 pm

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