Passing by: Kettel, Kiyoko, Ulrich Schnauss, Nils Frahm, The Black Dog


Kettel – Unreleased 2002-2012
Kettel and Secede’s recent album ‘When Can‘ is still a refreshing listening experience and now the dutch maestro has opened up his unreleased back catalogue for download. Expect all variants of unique electronica in this free 24-track album. More info and download.

Kiyoko – Kiyoko EP
Synkro and Bering Strait are finally back with an EP set to be released on Feb 11th on Surus, featuring tracks you may have heard on their recent Auxcast mix. Given it’s a lovely little marbled vinyl release, i’ve already got my order in! More info.

Ulrich Schnauss – Mix for XLR8R
Hot on the heels of his latest album release, ‘A Long Way To Fall‘, Ulrich continues to remind us of his expansive influences and unexpected musical direction with this look back at some early Drum’n bass music, akin to his first releases as Ethereal 77. More info and download.

01 Photek “T-Raenon” (Op-ART)
02 David Holmes “Gone (PFM Remix)” (Go! Discs)
03 Mental Power “Unknown Intelligence” (Formation)
04 Saint Etienne “The Sea (PFM Mix)” (Heavenly)
05 Lee & Gwange “2 Deep” (Legend)
06 Motive One “Life” (Certificate 18)
07 Neil Trix & Danny Mills “Pearls” (Bang-In Tunes)
08 MI5 “Experience” (Lucky Spin)
09 Odyssey “Expressions” (720 Degrees)
10 Source Direct “Secret Liaison” (Good Looking)
11 Seba “Planetary Funk Alert” (Looking Good)
12 Ethereal 77 “Somnambulism” (Dubplate)
13 DJ Crystl “Sweet Dreamz” (Dee Jay)

Nils Frahm – Live at Incubate Festival
The unstoppable talent of Nils Frahm captured over a 23 minute live set, from September last year. Ever single minute is as beautiful as you would expect and features some slightly different live approaches to some his well-known tracks and is a joyful reminder of my experience watching him live late last year on the Erased Tapes 5th Anniversary Tour.

The Black Dog – Witches Ov (Beatless)
And lastly, a cheeky little download released by the Black Dog – an ambient version of the popular techno/electronica track Witches Ov, stripping out the breaks and leaving the emotional synth to take center stage.


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