Passing by: December and January catch-up

I’m back from an amazing five weeks travelling around Vietnam and Laos, during which I made the decision to leave ASIP well alone and take a break from posting. I missed it like hell, and I missed an awful lot of good music these past few months, so here’s a recap of some of the best mixes which i’ve managed to catch up on thanks to sneaky Soundcloud favouriting and a shot-out to you guys on the Facebook Page. If you think I missed anything worthwhile, then please post it below in the comments.

I’m still playing catch-up on individual releases (so many) and will get some posts up on these soon. (post photo is taken from my trip to Vietnam – a rather strangely isolated rock amongst the 2000 odd of Halong Bay).

Loscil – Polarlichter Guestmix
Following on from my Places Series guestmix, the legendary Loscil takes the stage on Polarlichter featuring bvdub, Stars Of The Lid and Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Aiora – Art Is Hard Podcast
More blissful stuff from our favourite Greek ambient guru.

Funky Jeff – Biosphere Tribute
It is what it is…. a full 2.5 hours dedicated to the legendary Biosphere. Look out for a very rare mix from Biosphere upcoming on S13 (23rd Jan)

Ambientblog – Broken Lines
A mix themed on Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: Space Odyssey”. Computer systems revolting, loss of memory, human utterings that seem to come from lost souls….”

enh – A Moody Beach in Japan (m:cast exclusive)
enh with another great mix featuring Parks, Purl, Markus Guentner and Luke Abbott.

Made Like A Tree Podcast – Orcas
The awesome duo post an interview and mix featuring Autechre, Deaf Center, Arvo Pärt and Biosphere

Stray Theories – SpacesFM guestmix

Upcoming Places Series artist Stray Theories compiles a beautiful mix of relatively unknown ambient and electronica featuring Needaname, Halftribe and Bluebliss.

Fingers In The Noise – Levitation
The first of what looks like a new mix series from FITN featuring a few Dewtone favourites such as Sven Laux, and Aepiel

Neonlogic World 5 – January
Some of the best dub-techno releases of recent from the brillant Neonlogic series.

ASC & Kiyoko – Auxcast Two
Two of our favourites combine in this deep and dark podcast from ASC’s new series.

Audioglider – Mixtape 10
Arguably one of his best, Audioglider sees in his tenth mix with some beauties including Helios, Manual, M83, Rhian Sheehan and Tripswitch.

Rich-Ears – Perfect Pete Namlook (Part 1)
Rich-Ears continues his ‘perfect’ series with a dedication to the late Pete Namlook (Part 2)

Applescal – Wheat Field At Sunset
Featuring new and unheard upcoming Applescal tracks, this set is the most lively out of the bunch.



4 Responses to “Passing by: December and January catch-up”

  1. great to hear, that stray theories is going to join the places-series-family! cannot wait to hear it! :)



    Posted by Tommy | Polarlichter | January 14, 2013, 12:12 am
  2. Welcome back, sounds like you had an amazing trip.

    Nice tips, the Neonlogic mix is special!

    Posted by Vishal | January 14, 2013, 11:51 pm
  3. Welcome back Ryan !
    Fingers In The Noise – man this guy does some great music. Very much recommend checking out his beautiful 3 X 11 (11/11/11)album.

    Also that Funky Jeff / Biosphere Tribute is gold. Sent me on a Biosphere buying spree. So good (and like a doofus I now realise that Le Grand Dôme is his !)

    Posted by petesrdic | January 18, 2013, 10:33 pm


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