Aiora set at Antaris

You may remember Aiora from a few mixes previously featured on here, or maybe Jack Lane’s ‘Neil Davis’ compilation, where his track ‘Zenith’ was one of the stand-outs. His music is gentle, very beautiful and melodic and this mix is a perfect showcase for the Greek ambient artist.

Taken from his live performance at Antaris earlier this year, this mix is a tranquil journey featuring Naono (another brilliant Greek artist, previously featured on ASIP here), Segue, who’s ‘House of Cards’ track was one of the best to be included on Dewtone’s Foundations II compilation, and a few more familiar names such as Marsen Jules, Origami Sound’s Altrice, and even a bit of Röyksopp.


Segue – Late April
Naono – Healing Process
Naono – Sellotape Unicorn
Marsen Jules – Nostalgia
Ilya Wazuhiru – Velimir’s Sea
Anenon – Otro
Vector Lovers – Metrolux Forever
Altrice – Veedei
Röyksopp – De Ushuaia a La Quiaca – Version RYXP
Naono – Tender Telescope
Terry Artovsky – Last Look
Sinepearl 5 – Subway Strings
Naono – Mia


One Response to “Aiora set at Antaris”

  1. Nice set. I like it. Thanks for posting.

    Posted by thomas | November 28, 2012, 7:10 pm

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