Helios & Rhian Sheehan, Heathered Pearls & Loscil

Two matches made in heaven and two free downloads featuring these legendary artists.

First, magic from New Zealand, as our favourite composer, Rhian Sheehan, remixes Helio’s classic track ‘Halving The Compass’, taken from Keith’s earlier album, Eingya. It remains close to the original, but Rhian’s emphasis just takes this track up a notch in atmosphere.

This remix will form part of the forthcoming ‘Helios remixed’ album, which boasts several other remixers including Hammock, Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters, and Rafael Anton Irisarri. You can pre-order the album here.


And then, you may remember me harping on about how good Heathered Pearls new album was… well he managed to enlist some amazing remixers too, including Markus Guentner, and Loscil. And, as luck would have it, the brilliant Loscil remix is up for free download on XLR8R.

Beach Shelter is one of my favorites from Jakub’s album – painting retro blue summer skies across a hazy summer day, but Loscil stamps his own ambient-trademark all over it and turns this looping beauty into a slow motion capture. If the original saw the tide going out, Loscil captures the monumentous crashing of the waves coming in.

Download (via XLR8R)

You can listen and download the original ‘Beach Shelter’ from Heathered Pearls below. Download.

If you like any of these tracks or artists, then you should also be listening to Heathered Pearls isolatedmix, or Loscil’s isolatedmix, Helios’ isolatedmix or Rhian Sheehan’s isolatedmix!


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