Passing by: Lunar Testing Lab, Manual, Billow Observatory, Futuresequence and inputJunkie

It’s been over six months since we last heard from Lunar Testing Lab, and by all accounts Eric has been on another planet cooking up this superb ambient release in preparation for the coming season. It’s rare to hear this approach from LTL, and this album is his first focused piece in the genre, keeping things very simple, and honing in on drawn-out textures and expansive synth-work that would soundtrack a sunset seen from the edge of the moon. Download from the Secret Station Bandcamp.

Jonas Munk is also back on the radar, this time with two releases. His first, under his much-loved Manual guise, sees Jonas on the beautiful sun-drenched electronica trip with Awash. For those familiar with Jonas’ earlier Manual work, many of the tracks grow from his amazing guitars, but Awash seems to be one of his more electronic pieces. It still however, retains that beautiful escapism that you get from all of his releases. ‘Glide’ is an absolute masterpiece once you get past the 3-minute break. Available on Manual’s Bandcamp.

The second piece of Jonas Munk news, comes in the form of a collaboration with Auburn Lull guitarist Jason Kolb as Billow Observatory. Six years in the making, I ordered this as soon as I heard the two preview tracks – this is absolutely sublime stuff from two producers who you can imagine, just got arm-in-arm together. Dreamy, delicate and emotional. Available through the Felte Bandcamp.

Futuresequence are going from strength to strength and sequence to sequence. The much-loved site and newly spawned label is on its 5th Sequence compilation featuring free releases curated from across the ambient, modern-classical and experimental music community. This edition features 42 tracks including submissions from Olan Mill, Bengalfuel and Guy Birkin & Sun Hammer. Available on the Futuresequence Bandcamp.

And lastly, it wouldn’t be a complete ‘Passing By’ post without a superb mix. This one, featuring some classic loveliness and curated by inputJunkie. Download.

Rainlight – Max Richter
Boy1904 -Jonsi and Alex
Steal Away – Budd and Eno
Every hair on your head – Helios
Autumn 02 – Max Richter
Flowma – inputJunkie
Campfire – Jon Hopkins
Spring 0 + 1 – Max Richter
And they have escaped – Olafar Arnaids
Hengilas – Jonsi


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