Need a Name – Rain, Roads and Lights

A solid release from Dario Lupo aka Need a Name, focusing on a journey which I have often wished to soundtrack – a dark and wet car-ride home, with just streetlights and headlights to break your focus.

The original title track, ‘Rain, Roads and Lights’ is a stunning affair, bought to life brilliantly by the video below, featuring distant echoing claps upon glistening textures, layered with rain samples. Each remix featured on the release is a brilliant addition too, with each one providing a unique spin on a very adaptable original. Exist Strategy brings more melody to the table alongside new string pieces. Young italian producer, Halo also brings a touch of modern-classical to the original whilst also delicately surfacing the unheard small details. Stray Theories immerses us amongst even more beautiful, progressive textures, toning down the original with muffled beats and echoed strings.

The last two remixers, ‘YOUAREHERE’ and ‘NeZoomie’ are new to me, and whilst they may be a little different to the previous remixes, taking a more electronic/dance feel, they round off a very solid and varied EP that explores all possible variations of the original. Available to download below or on Need a Name’s Soundcloud.

Whilst we’re on Need a Name, you should listen to a few of the remixes Dario has composed himself, especially this beauty by Hammock.

And a remix from some time ago by Dario, of Helios’ Halving The Compass.



One Response to “Need a Name – Rain, Roads and Lights”

  1. Unbelievably beautiful tracks. Thank you for bringing these to us!

    Posted by Kman | November 19, 2012, 9:42 pm

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