Sonae – Quiet VI

Her Places Series release (Cologne) has had some amazing feedback so far, almost on a par with the praise received for the Quiet mixes, but i’m not one to speak too soon… this mix is definitely one of Sonae’s best.

Not only is the tracklist a little bit more up my street, but if there was a ‘Quiet’ mix which summed up Sonae’s approach, this is it. There’s an amazing ability to conjure sadness and melancholia throughout, with tiny, tiny amounts of light and happiness. Like a constant battle to shine through, some dark ambient and techno is peppered with the small melodic fragments, and as the mix evolves it becomes brighter and brighter.

It starts with intensity, sometimes multiple tracks layered on top of each other, with loops and samples forming a dragging, repetitive blend of atmospheres. Parks ‘Trains’ is only aloud to creep to a certain crossing, before becoming enveloped by Markus Guentner’s very own Places series release, ‘Talking Clouds’. And is it grows, and the tracks are given time to breathe, the mix becomes spacious and calming. Go from one place to another.

If you haven’t heard Sonae’s two-track Places Series EP; ‘Cologne’, you can listen and download here.



bersarin quartett :: rot und schwarz
parks :: the plain
parks :: trains
markus guentner :: talking clouds
shrubbn :: echo 5/3
ólafur arnalds & nils frahm :: stare b1
murcof :: ultimatum
bersarin quartett :: einsame wandeln still im sternensaal
t.raumschmiere :: es fährt ein zug nach nirgendwo
ólafur arnalds :: endalaus II
shrubbn :: echo 8/4
sonae :: traurigtag
soap & skin :: mr. gaunt pt. 1000
36 :: inside
philip glass :: glassworks opening
sigur rós :: valtari
36 :: beacon


One Response to “Sonae – Quiet VI”

  1. She is definitly one of few artists nowdays who really inspire…

    you can definitly feel the music when this lady`s playin` !!

    hugs Sonia <3

    Posted by Miso Subotic a.k.a Indigo Children | November 23, 2012, 1:11 pm

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