Passing by: Purl, Blue Bliss, Dan Elliot & Excursion Radio

Purl – Deep Afterhour Nr. 57

A superb mix by long-time Dewtone FM contributor Purl, also known as Alveol. Ludvig combines his own tracks with some of my favourites by bvdub, Jesse Somfay and Gas in this heavily atmospheric ambient/dub-techno mix. If you like this, then try Dustin Morris’ Dewtone mix too.


1. Bvdub – No Love Lost
2. Loworbitsattellites – Twelve
3. Jesse Somfay – Coup de Grâce
4. Gas – Zauberberg #3
5. Purl – Storisende
6. Rust – Dust Cloud (edit 1)
7. Purl – Mushrooms
8. Purl & Deflektion – Make It Sure (demo version)

Dan Elliot – Island Breeze

Never heard of Dan Elliot, but this one popped up in my Soundcloud newsfeed after fellow Oasis Radio contributors enh and Vital favourited it (thanks guys!) They both feature, amongst a beautifully themed Island breeze mix – perfect for sunny shores and blissed-out blue seas, just as the artwork depicts. Dan manages to keep the mix from straying into Hed-Kandi territory or classic chill-out (as many mixes like this do) with plenty of cuts that can only come from a seasoned crate-digger – not to mention a beautiful finale by Sascha Funke.


01. Wiretappeur – My Real Name Is (Reprise)
02. Vital feat. Courtney Wachtel, enh – In A Moment (enh’s Fireflies Mix)
03. Shohei Takata – Last Resort (Original Mix)
04. Re-Drum – America Loves Everybody (Original Mix)
05. dEEPoint – Behind the Door (Original Mix)
06. HouseRiders – Mao (Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Remix)
07. Omat Ghar – Deep Frontiers (John Watt Remix)
08. Matteo Pitton – No Consciousness Weights (Original Mix)
09. Rodrigo Soria – Admiration (Original Mix)
10. Mink – The Deep Era (Original Mix)
11. Moe Turk – Limitless (Original Mix)
12. Tomas Rubeck – Midnight Gallery (Original Mix)
13. Mastra & Jon Donson – Out of Nowhere (Original Mix)
14. Kryss Hypnowave – 01.00 am (Original Mix)
15. Sascha Funke – Mango

Lost Satellite – Transmission 35 – Mix By Neonlogic (Blue Bliss special)

Neonlogic has graced ASIP before and his Podcast/mix series is definitely one of my favourites. Often holding tracklists back, this one needs little exploration as all tracks are by Blue Bliss aka Alireza Zaifnejad from Canada. Definitely an artist to watch, Ali’s productions are varied and breathe years of experience.


Tracklist: (all by Blue Bliss)
– sol
– soulfull view
– milky way
– l´eau
– evolve days
– geometric clouds
– garden
– a drift in mind
– what if no ends
– don ya
– invisible landscape
– optional settings
– autosinfonie
– mindless rythm
– gate of heaven
– endless path
– levitate
– transcendental
– waft
– on top
– galactic mantra

Excursion Radio – Excursion II

Michael McGarrity returns with his second Excursion mix following two splendid ‘Night Time in Winter‘ mixes. A keen ear from up north, Michael spends plenty of time curating his mixes and it shows with this extensive yet neatly fitted track list. Modern-classical, straight-up ambient and electronica, it’s a pretty special 2.25 hour journey.


01. Kammerheit – Hiding
02. The House In The Woods – Upon Descending
03. Dave Greening & Owsey – Heartache (Owsey’s Ambient Version)
04. Field Rotation – Lament
05. Clem Leek – Snow Tale #2
06. The Flashbulb – Something That Had Died
07. Atra Aeterna – Where The Sky Goes Dark
08. The Living Sleep – A Million Roads to Nowhere

09. Asura – Galaxies Part One (album edit)
10. Hol Baumann – Benares (live edit)
11. Willamette – Mid-August, For Rachel
12. Eluder – Autumn Hips
13. Beautumn – Blanket Short
14. Ghosting Season – 13

15. Field Rotation – Slumber
16. epic45 – Ghosts I Have Known (reworked by The Toy Library)
17. Corey Fuller – Seas Between
18. Le Lendemain – Lois
19. Stephen Layton: Polyphony – Part: De profundis

20. Hollan Holmes – Mist and Myth
21. Rhian Sheehan – Borrowing The Past
22. Hollan Holmes – Threshold
23. Bruno Sanfilippo & Matthias Grassow – Cromo [piano & drones] 1
24. Darshan Ambient – A Day Within Days
25. Paul Buchanan – Wedding Party
26. Jeff Rona – Is This Goodbye? (feat. Azam Ali)
27. m83 – Outro



2 Responses to “Passing by: Purl, Blue Bliss, Dan Elliot & Excursion Radio”

  1. I love that cover photo for Purl…gorgeous photo.

    Posted by Houston shoegaze | August 10, 2012, 7:44 pm
  2. props and kudos for and on all your great work. the endless enjoyment is awesome result/resolve.

    Posted by futurestar | August 13, 2012, 8:38 pm

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