ASIP013 Public Transport – Rosenheim

I remember when I first heard Ulrich Schnauss’ music; it was like nothing i’d heard before and his tracks possessed an almost unnaturally positive aura about them. Unique and (ironically), very hard to compare against, his music is for me, moments of personal expression that live and thrive in their own self-respected unique qualities. If you’re in and you like it, you’re in for good…

Whether a comparison between Duncan Bailey’s work and Ulrich Schnauss is right or not, it definitely adorns these qualities and is an evident inspiration in ‘Rosenheim’. Addictive progression, melodies, chords and synths to die for, Public Transport captures a moving snapshot in time, where music inspired creativity, and creativity inspired music – the perfect evolution.

Transit is an open (or closed) invitation to contemplate. From the excitement of arrival or the impending trepidation and dread of reaching a destination you’d sooner forget, the best journeys are characterised by extremes of emotion. Balancing the premise of opportunity against his own burgeoning isolation, Duncan Bailey found one train ride in particular afforded him the time to reflect, and inspired him to create.

“I was going to Germany on a rainy, foggy afternoon in early December, 2008 to use a technicality to extend my student visa,” he explains. “I was sat next to the window, on the train from Salzburg to Munich, listening to Ulrich Schnauss on my iPod and leaning on the glass watching the towns and farmland hurrying past.

“Living in a new country, I was feeling very alone and depressed, but something about the ride to and from Munich inspired me and made me realize how many possibilities lay around me, no matter how alone I was.”

Unchained and unencumbered, Duncan found exploit in isolation and ‘Rosenheim’ captures the sodden grey view, and initial state of mind, with a musing familiarity.

Pushed by a persistent drum beat that drives the momentum and monotony of the journey, drip-drop percussion gives ‘Rosenheim’ a rainy glaze, as the melody meditatively drifts and the kilometres wistfully blur by.

Contemplative window gazes, little thoughts and introspection cloud the transit and make the time and distance on this passage poignantly redundant. But who’s counting when this is the pensive, yet hopeful, soundtrack of a journey to anywhere. (Words by Reef Younis).

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  1. oh, man, this is gorgeous stuff. this series of releases is all quality stuff. as a netlabel, this is all premium quality.

    Posted by Roberto Sodano | July 15, 2012, 5:35 pm


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