Secret Station Mix Series

The fourth and final Secret Station ‘Broadcast‘ compilation hit the airwaves a few months back in February, and since then, you could say things have slowed down a little for Eric Watson and the label. I for one miss this label’s regular output. But, with time, Eric’s creativity has been put to good use on the beginnings of a Secret Station mix series, and the first two are stunners.

To summarise these mixes, you just have to look at the photos below and be safe in the knowledge that Eric Watson has pulled on his extensive musical wisdom to formulate two special ambient/experimental sets. I regularly see updates from Eric after he’s just found some rarities at a local record store and with such effort, comes some spectacular track lists. Classic Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, even a clip of the emphatic Barbers Adagio For Strings. I even see that Eric managed to get hold of the Casino Versus Japan ‘Night On Tape’ LP (Eric I hope you’ve been wearing the t-shirt?!)

“The music will cover a wide variety of styles, all representing the influences that have helped shape Secret Station. (Note- Unless otherwise specified the mixes will be compiled from vinyl records only, most of which came from deep in the crates of thrift stores, junk stores, antique shops, flea markets, etc., so record noise may be prevalent on some tracks.)”

Mix two has been designed to follow on from the first, and after listening back to them tonight, i’m tempted to put them together and go in for another two-hour epic. An amazing start to what I hope, is a long-lived mix series and a tribute to crate-diggers.

Secret Station Mix 1: – Download.
1- Alan Parsons Project- Nucleus (clip)
2- Kraftwerk- Tongebirge
3- Kona Triangle- Mango Rubicon
4- Tim Weisberg- Conception
5- Lonnie Liston Smith- Between Here and There
6- Matthewdavid- Tomorrowspirit
7- William Orbit- Barbers Adagio for Strings (clip)
8- Seven Fields of Aphelion- Cloud Forest(The Little Owl)
9- Lone- Midnight Feast (Bibio Remix)
10- Henry Mancini- Spaced Out
11- Tangerine Dream- Trap Feeling
12- Casino Vs Japan- Skitwise
13- Stevie Wonder- Voyage to India
14- Dick Hyman- Total Bells and Tony
15- Hrvatski- Gemini (revision)
16- Vangelis- Mare Tranquillitatis
17- Rhythm Time Band- Star Waltz
18- Kona Triangle- Mauna Loa
19- Environments- Dawn at New Hope Pennsylvania
20- Morton Subotnick- Silver Apples of the Moon pt.2 (clip)

Secret Station Mix 2: Download.
1- The Digital Domain (clip)
2- Alien Community- Interdimensional Communication (clip)
3- Reagenz- Ö
4- Aquasky- Images
5- Final- Fall
6- Spacetime Continuum- Simm City (OST Remix)
7- Eat Static- Uforic Undulence
8- Fibla- Anh
9- Velocette- Space Q
10- Dykehouse- Lost Copy
11- SETI- Signal 5&6 (clip)
12- Digital domain- Venice Beach
13- The Auteurs vs u-ziq- Underground Movies
14- Aphex Twin- Analogue Bubblebath 3
15- Jonah Sharp/Bill Laswell- Zurvan Akarana (clip)
16- Liminal Lounge- Hush
17- Dykehouse- Elk Rapids
18- Deepfried Toguma- Suiso
19- Mika Vainio- Dayak

If you like these, don’t forget Eric’s isolatedmix as Lunar Testing Lab.



2 Responses to “Secret Station Mix Series”

  1. Just had a stressfull time cleaning some kids mess… can’t wait to unwind to this tonight.

    Posted by Bailey D. Green | May 19, 2012, 2:18 am
  2. Lovely. Hope it provides some ‘release; :-)

    Posted by Ryan | May 19, 2012, 8:17 am

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