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After venturing into releases with ‘Chloe Ebinezar’ featuring port-royal, Dedo, and David Kira, Jack Lane has compiled yet another stunning project, this time sounding even closer to my heart with tracks from Yagya, Lunar Testing Lab, Drexon Field and Airoa.

Once again accompanied by full track-by-track visuals, Jack’s project is a work of art, both in music selection and his famed visuals (not to mention the work that must happen to pull something like this together). Dedicated to a late friend, this compilation features touching melodic tracks such as Cosmic Shores by Orange Crush (amazing – any Ulrich Schnauss fans need to get on this one), a classic release from Yagya and a slow-burning tripped out Drexon Field electronica track.

It’s also with sadness to say, that this seems to be the last release from Lunar Testing Lab (under this name at least) and for those that follow ASIP religiously, you’ll know how much of a fan I am of his productions and indeed his label, Secret Station Records – let’s hope there’s still more to come in some shape or form.

port-royal collaborators Millimetrik also feature, as does port-royal’s N5MD label mate Ruxpin, both with beat-driven glitchy yet dreamy electronica. Not forgetting the compilation’s kick-starting track too, from Aiora, one of my favourites on here and definitely a producer to explore further if you haven’t already.

All-in-all, there’s not one bad track on here and considering it’s a free download, there’s no reason at-all why anyone should pass this by.


01. Aiora – Zenith
02. Yagya – Rigning 2
03. Alka – Flutter
04. Leren – Leni Fox
05. Orange Crush – Cosmic Shores
06. Stereo Hypnosis – Farmer In The Sky
07. Lunar Testing Lab – Experiments In Sky Watching
08. Ruxpin – South Of The Border, West of The Sun
09. Drexon Field, Limoncello Liquor Is Wonderful
10. Millimetrik – Knightride
11. Flying Kites – I’m An Egg
12. Bon Iver – Towers (Karma Kid Re-rub)

Download from Bandcamp or below.

If you want a preview of the visuals before download, see Jack Lane’s (Full Colour Emotion) Vimeo. Download all accompanying visuals (800mb)




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