Yoshiba 87 – Beaming Flowers From India

The endless talents of Applescal take a new twist as he lines up a mini-album under the Yoshiba 87 alias. ‘Beaming Flowers From India’ is a collection of Applescal’s more downbeat and melodic productions – a style we all witnessed within his brilliant isolatedmix.

Packed full of addictive synths, intriguing production styles and head-nodding beats, it feels like Applescal has released a long-hidden passion into the wild. The progression and euphoria of a talented techno/electronic producer is plain to the ears, yet Applescal is keen to keep us guessing with this one.

This album dips between slower drums and adventurous synthesizers reminding me of M83 alongside ambient-styled electronic tracks similar to Oneohtrix Point Never. Pien Feith makes another Applescal feature (after appearing on his isolatedmix) with chopped-up slow, driving beats and an insane looping vocal. And we’re even treated to, what seems like, an early Aphex Twin inspired ‘Nineteen 8+7′.

My favourite, ‘Earthly Vibes’ is Applescal at his best… Melodic, progressive, delicate, addictive and beaming of summer inspiration, this track reflects the very essence of ‘Beaming Flowers From India’. And because Pascal is such a nice guy (and he loved our warm reception to his isolatedmix), he’s given us this particular track as an exclusive free download…

Download ‘Eathly Vibes’ here.

You can also download another great track from the album, ‘You’re The Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)’ below.

‘Beaming Flowers From India’ is available now. Keep an eye out on Applescal’s Facebook page or Soundcloud for more info and future releases.

Download ‘You’re The Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)’

01. Yoshiba 87 – Earthly Vibes
02. Yoshiba 87 – A Message from Tuvalu
03. Yoshiba 87 – You’re The Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)
04. Yoshiba 87 – Nineteen 8 + 7
05. Yoshiba 87 – Aermback
06. Yoshiba 87 – We Are Still Alive
07. Yoshiba 87 – Jakoetask
08. Yoshiba 87 – Gravity Hackers
09. Yoshiba 87 – My Path is Yours



3 Responses to “Yoshiba 87 – Beaming Flowers From India”

  1. Love it.
    Kind of quirky, sneaky tune.

    Posted by Aaron | March 22, 2012, 11:52 pm
  2. thanks for this so soon after isolated mix 25. uniue and original
    also. its right in all ways. thanks – futurestar

    Posted by futurestar | March 24, 2012, 7:17 am


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