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36 has fast become one of my favourite ambient artists these past two years. Since discovering ‘Hollow’, ‘Hypersona’ and ‘Memories In Widescreen’, Dennis Huddleston has released the ‘Cocoon/Saphron EP‘ and ‘Reunion/Deluge‘ – two magical and emotive records that leave you sinking into the depths of clear-blue water or rising high amongst the clouds in the clear-blue sky.

‘Lithea’ pulls together these two EP’s alongside several other new productions to form what sounds like a audible summary of Dennis’ past year; with stress, anger, happiness and heartbreak all channelled into producing a very personal album.

It’s mood music; music that was made with an intent to portray and depending on your state when listening, will take you to whichever place you want to go, whether intentionally or subliminally. This is why I love Dennis’ work – it’s the perfect excuse to strap on headphones and escape with nothing but an intention to be somewhere else. And now we’ve got our third full length from Dennis, there’s three open doors to escapism.

I’m sat in the middle of SXSW – one of the most intense atmospheres i’ve ever experienced, and this is where i’m off to right now…

“Lithea” started life as two 7″ singles released last year. Initially, the plan was to continue this series indefinitely, producing and releasing the tracks as soon as I considered them ready, but after “Reunion”, I knew I had found a sound that could flourish more coherently as a long form album. It took 12 months of failed experiments, happy accidents, broken equipment, broken relationships, and many long nights in the studio, but finally “Lithea” was born. It feels like I have gone full-circle in a way, since my initial stress and self-doubt eventually transformed into a raw passion for sound that I haven’t felt since I first started Hypersona many years ago. This is the third and final part of the 36 triptych album series, which includes “Hypersona” and “Hollow”.

Below are the Bandcamp samples for some of the tracks on the album, along with 36’s latest release with Black Swan. Lithea is available on a limited edition CD, a bundle with previous albums (recommended!) or a digital download on the 36¬†Bandcamp. And don’t forget 36’s amazing isolatedmix



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  1. hmmm could just be my favourite 36 release yet (and that’s saying something !). Certainly moodier & deeper than his previous releases. Gorgeous. [The bundle too is a deal you can’t go past]

    Posted by petesrdic | March 14, 2012, 7:24 pm

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