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You can’t hold off the Summer for much longer. At least i’m hoping we can’t…. This past week has seen the first glimpses of Spring, and a very early reminder of what we’ve been missing for the past few months. That warmth on your back, those squinting eyes, those constant reminiscing moments of good times spent lazing in the sun, or in some peoples case, soaking up the rays in Ibiza.

Rich-Ears returns to the ASIP airwaves with a balearic, eclectic, crate-digging, knowledge-wielding track selection, plucked from his very own blissed-out experience DJ’ing in Ibiza last year. We’ve got Guentner, Eno, The Orb, Yokota and Monolake lining up to please our ears. You’ll need patience though, as Summer is stil a few months away here in the UK, but that’s exactly what sets like this were built for; whiling away the hours, wishing you were some place else.

Don’t forget, you’ve always got Rich-Ears’ Balearic Brilliance set if you’re still yearning for more after this one.

As of Now (for ASIP blog) by Rich_Ears on Mixcloud


01. Carlos Santana & Bill Laswell – Illuminate
02. Ken Nordine – As of Now
03. DJ Koze – Chiminea
04. Dane Jacobs – 4am
05. Klimek – Kälteschäden / Wärmetod
06. Tibetan Monastery
07. The Orb – Passing Of Time (Ambient Mix)
08. Lee Rosevere – Nobody Goes To Heaven
09. Gurdonark – Night Rain in April
10. Markus Guentner – Baghira
11. John Kannenberg – Walking through street markets in downtown Cairo
12. Gorje Hewek – At that Cafe
13. Susumo Yokota & Rothko – Sentiero
14. Monolake – Indigo
15. Eno B / Enoference
16. In_Finite – The 3rd stream (outro)
17. Colleen – Golden Morning Breaks
18. Robert Scott Thompson – Summer Twilight (Resonance)
19. Scanner – (Artificial Intelligence comp.2 / cd2 bonus disc)
20. Tetsu Inoue – SFO Downtown
21. Ralf Hildenbeutel – Follow Me
22. The Orb – Alles ist Schoen
23. Phil Kline & Random Citizens -Unsilent Night (San Francisco 2010)
24. Terje Paulsen – 20 eet for Buddha
25. Jochem Paap & Pete Namlook – Jchm2ngn
26. John Kannenberg – Tree trimmer at Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum park

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by Hikaru / @capturecollect
picture by mr Moby(-picture) / @mathijs



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  1. This is one of my favorites.

    Posted by ASM | March 31, 2012, 12:14 am

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