Special Places – Compiled by Astropilot

The compilations begins with a dark and menacing texture, quickly accompanied by some elegant strings and distant, stretched chimes. A quick succession of clashing instruments akin with Art of Noise, and K.D. Expression’s Alpae-3717 kicks off. From there, I never looked back.

Plenty of new, inspiring ambient and electronica on this compilation from Sentimony Records. Russia’s psychedelic master, Astropilot put his Siberian ear to the ground with this lot, and even managed to pluck out two favourites you may have come across on ASIP before; Germany’s Field Rotation and the UK’s very own 36.

‘Special Places’ is available on Sentimony’s Bandcamp and below.

1. K.D. Expression – Alpae-3717
2. Cygna – Camaras De Lamento
3. Chronos – Dandelions As Memory
4. Irukanji feat. JazzyFlute – Out From Little Box (AstroPilot Edit)
5. Ambient Intelligent Application – Via Lactea (AstroPilot Edit)
6. Rabitza – Port
7. AstroPilot – Svoboda
8. Access To Arasaka – AUG
9. Field Rotation – Disappear
10. Nexar – Jewel (AstroPilot Edit)
11. 36 – A Final Thought
12. Eguana – A Moment Of Madness

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One Response to “Special Places – Compiled by Astropilot”

  1. it looks juicy!

    Posted by ivo | January 19, 2012, 9:59 pm

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