Herne presents Origami Sound (ASIP Exclusive)

It takes a while to set-up a successful and respected music community, but sometimes the audience and following that’s needed (and often defines success for many music sites in particular) plays passenger to the passion and creativity of its owners. Before you know it, there’s another hidden gem, releasing brilliant music and breaking new boundaries, deserving nothing but more ears to hear it all.

Since its formation just a few years back, Origami Sound founder, Herne, has strived to deliver best-in-class electronica and i’ve been lucky enough to enjoy its growth and get to know the people behind the site. Some of you may remember my guest-posts earlier this year, or my Origami Sound mix, and if you’ve followed Origami Sound since, you’d be familiar with a whole host of brilliant releases under the Chapter series. Well, turns out Herne and the Origami Sound novel is only just beginning…

After a sneak peak at some of the planned upcoming releases, I asked Herne to put together an exclusive mix for ASIP. This is a bit of a first for me as I normally hate mixes without track lists, but… there’s no track list. However, given everything that’s on the mix is due to be released on Origami Sound in the coming months (of has already been released), then there’s no reason to get frustrated at never knowing which track is what and where to find it.

I fired a few questions over to Herne for a bit of background on Origami Sound and in a hope to tease a bit more info out of him on what’s to come. Herne remained pretty tight lipped on what we can expect anytime soon, but there’s never a more suited time to say… let the music do the talking.

Stay tuned to OrigamiSound.com or the Facebook page for news on the upcoming releases included in this superb mix. Herne also has plenty more for you to dive into over on Soundcloud.


Hi Herne, can you give us a quick personal introduction?

Stefan, 25, Romania. There’s not much of a history to be honest, I’ve been digging for music that I might like driven by randomness for the past 8 years (which is when the internet started making sense for me) and the only thing that probably set me aside from any other explorers or electronic music enthusiasts was that I made it a personal goal to get in touch and possibly befriend all those whose music I enjoy mainly because I feel that the mystical, invisible connection between their creativity and my soft spots is hinting a potential sync on many other levels (which more often than not turned out to be true). I am not and probably will never produce music myself but that’s only because I’m not willing to give up on the subjective, bias-free way that I perceive music for a technical-critical one.

My late teenage to young adulthood years have been a mess priorities-wise so it wasn’t until last year that music managed to become my main focus after a lot of slacking off and exploring my many other hobbies that had the potential to develop into a career. I started off by trying to develop a sense of discipline through making a variety of amateurish eclectic sets every couple of weeks which apparently led me to having some gigs and radio shows more than a year later. With everything Origami Sound related keeping me busy I probably won’t find the time to develop the novelty live performance that I would strive towards but it will definitely happen at some point.

Tell us the story of Origami Sound – it seems like just yesterday I was guest posting on your site – it’s moved pretty fast hasn’t it?

Narrowed down to the game-changing events – Origami Sound started off as “just another” electronic music related website (tumblr actually) with the sole purpose of acting as a pretext for me getting in touch with even more of the producers that I like. I used to be really selfish with the music that I found as my inner control freak wanted to personally know anyone whose tastes I might have an impact upon but as time went by it (Origami) managed to outgrow my ego even though at times I still feel some weird “withdrawal” symptoms and impulses of that. It’s sort of tough not to have any control over who’s skimming through the *unskimmable* tracks and what the promoted music that I feel for and care about is being labeled as or compared to.

A couple of months later the small but incredibly talented group of producers that I befriended through this ‘intricate scheme’ turned out to be really prolific so I found myself listening to a lot of unsigned tracks that had no pre-set target and I decided to go looking and asking for more. I thought of and announced this whole process as the compilation series that should be the audible definition of Origami Sound’s standards of quality with a strong emphasis on the wide variety of genres – a biography/description of the concept that shouldn’t be written in my opinion.

On display it was pretty much the same thing going on over and over again – a track posted/showcased every couple of days, sometimes a review or preview of materials from artists and labels that I got in touch with through Origami. However, behind the “curtain”, an outstanding amount of artists and amazing music has kept piling up which made it clear for me that there’s only one thing to aim towards – putting it all out under the best possible circumstances. All that’s left to do in this process is waiting for Origami Sound’s audience and awareness to grow as big as the music it will spawn deserves – I left this whole part to randomness so far but you can only go so far without knocking on any doors and introducing it to people who would rather have good music hinted than stumbled upon.

How have you kept things moving so quickly these past few months?

There’s a lot of “me”s and “myself”s in the past two answers none of which can be attributed to it’s growth – I didn’t even keep a particular flow or pace of exploring or getting in touch with people, everything just happened in this mesmerizing chemistry between randomness and creative productivity. I don’t even dare to imagine how the next year will be like when I have it all pre-scheduled on all fronts with almost a release per week.

The ‘Chapter’ compilations have finished, and seemed to go down extremely well with everyone – did you enjoy putting them together?

I’m not easily pleased by numbers for things that I absolutely love and “The Chapters” series definitely is no different. For whatever’s worth I’d say I’m proud to see all this amazing music under the roof of Origami given the fact that I didn’t spam or even promote them outside of the self-grown media channels but I’m a bit disappointed as I feel that the whole “free releases are of lesser quality” / “oh look here’s a free track by this producer I already know of, it’s probably an outtake that didn’t make the release that’s for sale” bias is placing them in a blind spot for most people, I’d love it if the majority of those could see past preconceptions and these 6 amazing releases would multiply their outreach by a lot throughout 2012.
I most definitely enjoyed putting them together and nothing will stop – remixes and compilations are my main musical ‘fetishes’ so there’s going to be a lot of both, I even drool when I imagine these two combined.

What release do you feel was the strongest out of the 6?!

I used to geek out on rankings like these (with yearly top100s and pretty much anything regarding music) but I lost my ability to place any one thing over another when they all come from under the same roof. I’ve been really excited about Chapter 3 coming out with a lot of long-time favorites being on it and it saddens me to see that it’s one of the “obscure” ones. Chapter 2 is also highly underrated and underexposed and I would hate myself for not promoting it better or earlier if those tracks don’t end up being “viral” at some point.

All 6 of them will hopefully age well and will turn out to be a really special thing to look back at for both the artists involved and anyone who explores Origami Sound all the way back to it’s early roots upon finding out about it.

Just how good is that Fill ‘All that Wasn’t Said’ track?!!! (Part of Chapter 6)

You shouldn’t have put me back in my rankings mindset, now I can only say it’s not as good as Bulb’s material from his forthcoming album.

I know a few things you’ve got up your sleeve for the label, but can you tell us a bit more about the releases you’ve got planned?

Well I won’t proceed to namedropping cause that would be a lengthy, uncalled for show-off. All I can hint towards is numbers – more than 50 artists are part of the 40 scheduled multi-format releases on the three Origami Sound related labels (main Origami Sound, Farver and Dark Clover) throughout 2012. It would spoil a lot of excitement if it’s now rather than through the beautiful video trailers that people would find out any names or details.

So the mix… it’s made up of some of your upcoming label tracks but we don’t have a tracklisting yet. Can you tell us why you chose not to include a tracklist? And perhaps a few clues as to what may be included?

The mix is made up of what I felt would appeal ASIP’s audience. As 16 of the 22 tracks are yet to be released it would’ve been awkward to only announce those in a list full of “TBA”s and it’s for the same reasons stated in the previous question that I decided not to give out any further details on the unannounced ones. If people get excited about this material they can hopefully keep the feeling up until the release date – after all it’s yet another reason to keep a close eye on Origami Sound (either on a daily basis through facebook/tumblr or by subscribing to the mailing list when grabbing anything from “The Chapters” series)

Where would you like Origami Sound to be this time next year?

Honestly I’d like to look back at this set and interview both proud of delivering everything as announced and amazed by what I’d have up my sleeve then by comparison to how things are looking now – as Justin Bieber says #dreambig, right?! :D

[A little thank you from Herne…]

I’d like to thank everyone that has translated the impact of my tastes in music into a passionate involvement in everything that I don’t do by myself ranging from videos and artwork to guest writing and all the little things that are of the utmost importance. The cliche “shoutout” goes to my God-like figure-turned friend Jesse for his otherworldly healing abilities and for taking a gutsy step aside from what might have been a career-changing move for him to what will turn out to be one for a lot of amazing artists.

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6 Responses to “Herne presents Origami Sound (ASIP Exclusive)”

  1. 20 minutes into this mix I was so impressed with the quality tunes I did not hesitate to purchase all 6 of the ‘Chapter’ releases from http://www.origamisound.com. Much to my surprise I had apparently already purchased Chapter 1 back in July according to the date time stamp on files found on my hard drive. Oops. :) I need to pay attention! Anyway thanks to Stefan for the mix and the quality releases on Origamisounds.com.

    Posted by Mike | November 28, 2011, 8:01 am
  2. Very nice.

    Posted by Daniel Goble | November 30, 2011, 12:45 pm
  3. absolutely beautiful mix. can someone tell me the track with the opening lyrics ‘you were so right tonight’?? thanks

    Posted by steve | December 11, 2011, 2:41 pm
  4. “All that wasnt said” is incredible listened to it over 100 times now still gives me a rush

    Posted by Robert | March 27, 2012, 6:19 am


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