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SEQUENCE1, released in celebration of the sites first birthday exceeded all expectations and still gets a regular spin at the ASIP HQ (that’s my iPod in case you were wondering). So, with SEQUENCE2 following just two months later, not only is Michael (@Futuresequence) a very busy man, but also one of my favourite ever people now. Along with the artists behind this great music, he has brought us a steady 85, quality tracks over the two releases, all available for free download.

Quality doesn’t slip and this time around Futuresequence have reinstated a few favourites (Specta Ciera, and Maps And Diagrams for example) as well as inducting some ASIP household favourites into the sequence, including Rhian Sheehan, Borealis (Jesse Somfay) and Echaskech to name just a few.

There’s no point mentioning the highlights here… For one, you’ve got no excuse not to try it for yourself (its free) two, there’s just too many highlights and three, there’s something in here for everyone.

Get SEQUENCE2 here.

1. Maps and Diagrams – Domane
2. Rhian Sheehan – Liber
3. Widesky – ____ is Also Movement
4. Felicia Atkinson – Entomology
5. The Oo-ray – Moonsoon Season
6. Zvuku – Cold
7. Le Berger – CH=CH2
8. Ed Hamilton – Arabesque
9. Hakobune – The Leaf Strewn Path
10. Beautiful Bells – Panic Attack 2
11. Subnaught – Mideast Throb
12. DIAL.81 – Vacant View
13. Marta Mist – Tonnes
14. Pascal Savy – Falling Apart in Slow Motion
15. Echaskech – Tundra
16. Seaworthy – A Favourite Path
17. Hybernation – Occident Express
18. I’ve Lost – In This Cold, Empty Place
19. Guy Gelem – Recent Waves
20. Nobuto Suda – Repetition and Research
21. Damian Valles – Lake Effect
22. Borealis – Skyhall
23. Jannick Schou – we are safe in this room filled with cold sunlight
24. Guy Birkin – Bramble
25. Nils Frahm + Anne Muller – 7fingers
26. A Setting Sun & Radere – VII
27. Saaad – Forget Our Debts
28. Hallock Hill – Found Object 6
29. Nils Quak – Still
30. Get Effect – Under the Lake
31. The Inventors of Aircraft – Leaving Sequence
32. Small Scale Collisions – Walking Through a Cloud
33. Thisquietarmy – Aeronaut
34. Aeroshell – Citizen of Cosmos
35. The Eternal Twilight – Another Quiet Afternoon
36. Michael Oldham – That Distant Morning
37. Josh Mason – Freedom Time
38. Specta Ciera – Sleepy Tea
39. Darren Harper – melting snow, wind thru trees
40. Sima Kim – Tribute to no-one
41. Attilio Novellino – like 50,000 disembodied screams
42. Josco – Fade
43. Ghosting Season – Exercise Us
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One Response to “Futuresequence – SEQUENCE2”

  1. Wow fantastic track list. All tracks are available for free digital download as well? Thank you artists! Already the first 2 tracks are stellar. No surprise given the artists who created them.

    Posted by Mike | November 22, 2011, 7:37 am

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