Passing by: Max Cooper, Eckoe, ASC, Martin Nonstatic, Casino Versus Japan & Martim

A week travelling with work results in lots of time listening to music and not as much time exploring new sounds. However, over the past 24 hours i’ve managed to do some much needed catching-up.

Max Cooper’s on a roll recently, with some stunning remixes and now a remake of an absolute classic chill-out track, FC Kahuna’s Hayling. Like all good remixes, the original is left intact with just a few little tweaks to stamp a definitive modern-mark.

You should all be synonymous with Silent Season by now, one of the great ambient labels of recent times and a fav of mine. If you take their last two releases, you’ll see why: a stunning ambient dub-techno release by Martin Nonstatic and ASC’s first ever all-ambient release. ASC has long been putting together quality ambient mixes (Deep Space series) and a recent colab’ with bvdub led us to think there may be more beatless up his sleeve. Well, ‘The Light That Burns Twice As Bright’ is more than that and comes from a man who knows exactly what he is doing. Stunning.

Now on to the mixes. You’ve probably spent enough money by the time you’ve read down to here, so to alleviate the pain, we’ve got a new psy-chill mix from Ultimae’s Eckoe, a live set from Casino Versus Japan (get it here by signing up for the Attacknine email) and a brilliant electronic mix from Martim, put together for Origami Sound. Enjoy!

FC Kahuna – Hayling (Max Cooper remix). Forthcoming on SKINT.

Martin Nonstatic – Parallel Surfing. Available now on Silent Season.

ASC – The Light That Burns Twice As Bright. Available now on Silent Season.

Eckoe – Syrian Rue. Download (no tracklist)

Martim – Interval – for Origami Sound. Download

00 ÷÷÷ Intro
01 ÷÷÷ “Swamp” by TELEPOPMUSIK
02 ÷÷÷ “Leaving Miramar” by GUSTAVO SANTAOLALLA
03 ÷÷÷ “Globo 3″ by BROMBAER & PHOLE
04 ÷÷÷ “Hourglass Infringement” by TIPPER
05 ÷÷÷ “Petr Parléř” by FLOEX
06 ÷÷÷ “Nel Blu” – feat. Musetta by FLOEX
07 ÷÷÷ “Part VI” by FRED FRITH
08 ÷÷÷ “Le Stade” by ARMAND AMAR
09 ÷÷÷ “Mist From The Mountain” BY SMALL MOUNTAIN
10 ÷÷÷ “The Real Moustache” by ERIK SUMO (FINE CUT BODIES Rmx)
11 ÷÷÷ “Reaching The End” by PHOLE
12 ÷÷÷ “Mecholup” by FLOEX
13 ÷÷÷ “Veronika’s Dream” by FLOEX
14 ÷÷÷ “The Low Places” by JON HOPKINS
15 ÷÷÷ “Planina” by TOMAS DVORAK
16 ÷÷÷ “Flying Fishes” by SMALL MOUNTAIN
17 ÷÷÷ “Gharza Brothers” by SILENT MUSIC
18 ÷÷÷ “Gedanken wie diese” by FIELD ROTATION

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2 Responses to “Passing by: Max Cooper, Eckoe, ASC, Martin Nonstatic, Casino Versus Japan & Martim”

  1. 10 ÷÷÷ “The Real Moustache” by ERIK SUMO (FINE CUT BODIES Rmx)

    wow! some hungarian music here…

    Posted by Andras | November 21, 2011, 12:44 pm
  2. Those ASC samples sound lovely. Shame the album isn’t available for digital download. I don’t get into the whole limited physical release thing. Seems so pretentious to do that in the digital age. Sorry just a pet peeve of mine. :)

    Posted by Mike | November 22, 2011, 2:06 am

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