Origami Sound – Chapter 6

The final Chapter in Origami Sound’s relentless quest to unearth some of the most emotional and eclectic electronic producers on this planet comes to a dramatic climax with four absolutely stunning masterpieces.

My favourite Chapter to date without a shadow of a doubt, Chapter 6, sees Borealis (aka Jesse Somfay), Fill (also known as Bulb), Essáy (also known for this magical track amongst many others) and Madelin (new to me and debuting on Origami Sound) take a bow in a suitably melancholic fashion. Each one of these tracks is fuelled with emotion – a fitting departure for such a superb compilation series.

I posted the Fill release up on the ASIP Facebook page a few months back (before I knew it was coming out here) and this particular track, combined with some epic visuals (see below), epitomises the beauty of this compilation. Jesse Somfay is also on top form with a haunting, atmospheric piece, punctured by what can only be described as the sound of a heart rate monitor. Essáy, well known for his warm, lush productions treats us to a spiralling and worn-down ambient piece, whilst Madelin provides the only vocals in a progressive and dramatic wall of sound.

An emotional goodbye to the series. But i’m pretty sure this isn’t the last we’ll here from these artists or indeed from Origami Sound. They’re just beginning…. You can download Chapter 6 and all the previous Chapters from the Origami Sound store (name your price).

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3 Responses to “Origami Sound – Chapter 6”

  1. woaw the Borealis track sounds really superb!

    Posted by Fred | November 12, 2011, 7:47 pm


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