Passing by: Fingers In The Noise, Pembls & Night Music

I don’t normally enjoy mixes that jump around as much as this one, but Laurent Bisch aka Fingers In The Noise, manages to pluck some amazing tracks from obscurity into one cohesive and engaging set that has set many a ball of exploration rolling. There’s a few biggies in here, such as the autonomous sound of Stray, Tycho’s latest beauty and a few deft touches from Essáy. But hidden amongst these are the likes of Pembls‘ ‘Interpretation’, a stunning track available free from a CC licensed compilation by a relatively obscure netlabel, ‘Night Music’. But before you jump into that one, check out Pembls’ live set from Tundra Festival.

After a bit of a search, it looks like the best of the Night Music netlabel is still to hit us ‘this autumn‘, but you can grab a few releases from their Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Just a few artists I recognised whilst poking around the label include Mint, Fill and Sleepy Town Manufacture (see a list of past releases here – with dead download links unfortunately).

Back to the very reason I discovered Night Music and Pembls; Fingers in The Noise. You may also want to give Laurent’s latest release a spin too – some deep, dubby techno in ‘Discret Lounge‘ – preview below and then jump on to the Fingers In The Noise mix which started it all.

Fingers In The Noise – Home Mix #9


01 – Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – Pioneer IOO
02 – Stray – Pushed
03 – Vinayak^A – Pleading to be Forgiven
04 – Murcof – Soriano II
05 – Maps and Diagrams – The Atlas
06 – Crisopa – Suenos de Babirusa
07 – Sun Glitters – Beside me (Essáy rmx)
08 – Essáy – 1991 (Lovely Rain)
09 – Imiliv – Iliniza
10 – Pembls – Interpretation
11 – Ylid – When The Darkness Seems Relentless
12 – Farben – Silikon
13 – Sounds From The Ground – Afterglow
14 – Nathan Fake – Peary Land
15 – Tycho – Adrift

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