Jack Lane – Chloe Ebinezar

Quietly working away as a visual artist for many of our favourite ambient and electronic musicians, Jack Lane is the man behind the grainy, immersing pictures that have accompanied many a favourite track here on ASIP.

Secret Station’s Lunar Testing Lab, N5MD’s port-royal, Dauwd and Yagya have all been graced with the Full Colour Emotion Visual treatment and Jacks work has no doubt turned many a prospective youtube browser into a die-hard ambient fan.

Like all worthwhile ventures, Jack’s now taking the next big step and in collaboration with some of his favourite artists has released an exclusive compilation of sublime music and accompanying visuals, dedicated to his daughter, Chloe Ebinezar. The first of many, Chloe Ebinezar sees exclusive contributions from the likes of port-royal, dedo and David Kira brought to life with Jack’s full visuals – all available as a free download from Bandcamp.

Below is the full tracklist and my favourite (full tracks + visuals) from ‘Chloe Ebinezar’.

1.Memory – Dedo 05:49
2.Demonëke – David Kira 05:07
3.Zobione Pt.2 – Port Royal 08:10
4.Orpheus – Giorgio Li Calzi 05:30
5.Reflected Gateways – I Awake 06:42
6.Napali – Irina Mikhailova & Lumin 04:57
7.Olivia – Hidekazu wakabayashi 03:49
8.I’ll Take My Arrows And Shoot For The Stars – Wet Paper Planes 02:03
9.Pupilla – Marco Lucchi 04:01

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