Specta Ciera – Signal Return

I love it when two of my favourite musical magicians collide. This time around, we’ve got the never faltering Energostatic records recruiting Devin Underwood, aka Specta Ciera. Whilst devin is often known for his ambient and electronica (sometimes producing under Drexon Field) we had a taster of Devin’s dub-techno alter-ego with his stunning isolatedmix – featuring the likes of Andrea Suglia, King Midas Sound and Resoe. It was only a matter of time I guess, until he divulged his dub-techno dabbling to the world and this is the result.

The beats are big and clear, not your usual dusty drums playing second fiddle to synths and textures. Nope, Devin’s beats are full frontal attacks, echoing and oscillating off smaller percussions and electronic tinges. When the synths hit, they hit just as big and build patiently. Devin’s fully mastered the art of head nodding and many-a-time at work today I was caught pulling long, drawn out head lunges that could’ve been mistaken for mini-naps. Far from it – I was fully awake and pulling the kind of faces you make when the speakers feel like they’re on the verge of blowing. Another great release from Energostatic and another quality notch on Devin’s belt.

If you enjoyed Devin’s dub-techno I suggest you give his isolatedmix a spin.

You can download Signal Return here, or visit the Energostatic page for more info.

The track, ‘Almond Drink’ from the EP can be heard below:

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  1. thanks for tune.

    Posted by nickyd | March 13, 2012, 5:44 pm

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