ASIP – Traumbient #2

After the first ‘Traumbient‘ mix in November last year, I was of course left with a bunch of tracks that didn’t make the final cut. I knew back then that this wasn’t going to be the end of my ‘Traum Schallplatten‘ mix adventures – there’s simply too much good music lurking in the Traum treasure chest.

For the second ‘Traumbient’ mix, i’ve picked out a few ambient stunners to begin proceedings, but ended up taking the mix to the far-end of the Traum techno spectrum. It’s titled Traumbient #2 because it’s the second mix, but it’s also Traumbient #2 because it represents Traum’s second gear; the driving, melodic and interestingly unique style of techno that has produced some of todays most talented artists and inspired me ten-times over.

In true retrospective style, the mix spans tracks from the labels eleven year existence. From Traum’s very first artist release in 2000, Gustavo Lamas, to one of the biggest albums of 2011 – Dominik Eulberg’s Diorama and the star track ‘Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen’, if you weren’t familiar with Cologne’s finest export, then hopefully this mix will give you a taste of what you’ve been missing.

If you haven’t heard the very first ‘Traumbient’ mix you can check it out here.


01. Kubikov & Milutenko – Last Focus Before Sleep [Traum 023]
02. Process – Disp [Traum CD07]
03. Philipe Cam – Karine [Traum 004]
04. Gustavo Lamas – Apasionados [Traum 001]
05. Darmush – Rarpa [Traum CD11]
06. Fairmont – Palace Pier [Traum 010]
07. Akufen – Train To Barcelona [Traum CD07]
08. Dinky – Chicago Loop [Traum 036]
09. Dominik Eulberg – Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen [Traum 137]
10. Boris Heinzmann – Winterschlaf [Traum CD14]
11. Fairmont – Love Note [Traum CD10]
12. Philipe Cam – LFO Drive [Traum 009]
13. Applescal – Welcome To The Woods (Original) [Traum 132]
14. Minilogue – The Leopard (Extrawelt remix) [Traum 73]
15. Miss Dinky – Cilantro [Traum CD05]
16. Waki – Woods [Traum CD07]
17. Waki – Guitar [Traum CD06]
18. Mikkel Metal – Delete [Traum CD11]
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5 Responses to “ASIP – Traumbient #2”

  1. Lovin’ this – even one of my favourite Akufen tracks gets a guernsey.

    Posted by Pete Srdic | October 23, 2011, 11:56 pm
  2. Great one, great job !I discovered a few tracks from Traum and i still consider the Extrawelt remix of The Leopard as one of the greatest piece i have heard. I didnt know Philipe Cam, his track “Karine” is an hypnotic gem.
    Thanks Ryan !

    Posted by TGM | October 24, 2011, 9:58 am
  3. Thanks Nicolas! Yeah Philipe Cam is great – all similar hypnotising stuff – definitely recommended.

    Posted by Ryan | October 26, 2011, 9:00 pm


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