Mr Blue – Darkest Star Set

It’s been a while since i’ve featured a no-holds-barred, no genre defined, all-star line-up kinda mix. The kind of mix that everyone want’s to put together every now and then – an advanced ‘favourite’ playlist if you like. A bunch of classic tracks that instead of withering away on the left-hand side of iTunes, are instead expertly curated and mixed to form an enjoyable two-hour journey.

Glen Johnson aka Mr Blue has picked some stunning tracks for this mix and there’s some really nice transitions too – especially Boards of Canada into Vector Lovers…

Visit Undiscovered to download and stream or the Soundcloud player below.

01 [0:00:00] Field Rotation – Regenzeit II
02 [0:05:22] Depeche Mode – The Darkest Star (Monolake Remix)
03 [0:08:50] Massive Attack – Two Rocks And A Cup Of Water
04 [0:10:14] Asura- Longing For Silence
05 [0:18:46] Solar Fields – Automatic sun
06 [0:20:00] Hecq – Steeltongued [El Fog Remix]
07 [0:23:25] Master Margherita – Weightless
08 [0:25:09] Terje Rypdal &The Chasers – Last Nite
09 [0:26:41] Hardfloor – Ain’t Nuttin’ But A Format Thang
10 [0:28:23] Lemongrass – Journey to a Star
11 [0:30:31] Broker/Dealer – Sun Struck
12 [0:36:26] Jake Shimabukuro – Spain
13 [0:38:36] Saafi Brothers – Under The Stars
14 [0:43:47] SE – 15mg Remixed By Quench
15 [0:46:32] The Orb – Little fluffy clouds (Adam Freeland-tsunami one mix)
16 [0:52:25] Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling
17 [0:56:10] Vector Lovers – Nightwalking Your Memory
18 [0:59:58] Unknown – Unknown
19 [1:06:47] Solar Fields – Universal Dust
20 [1:10:58] Aphex Twin – Hexagon
21 [1:15:33] Plastikman – Lasttrak
22 [1:21:54] Sven Van Hees – Freakysthan
23 [1:25:39] Brain Pilot – Insight
24 [1:29:51] M83 – She Stands Up
25 [1:35:06] Aus – urum
26 [1:39:59] Vangelis – Memories of Blue
27 [1:44:35] Depeche Mode – Jezebel (SixToes Remix)
28 [1:49:51] Boo Boo And Mace – Far From Home
29 [1:50:11] Marc Almond – Waifs And Strays [Grid Twilight mix]

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9 Responses to “Mr Blue – Darkest Star Set”

  1. Thanks to ASIP for letting me get some air time. This site is a massive inspiration and this mix probably wouldn’t have come about had I not listened to all the material here.

    I’ve tried to mash up a few classics and multiple genres to give you an idea of my diverse interests and long love affair with all things electro and spacious.

    The little known Grid remix of Marc Almond at the end is an absolutely epic track considering it’s over 20 years old. (1990) and if you listen carefully I swear you can hear the beginnings of way out wests squelch and rumble bass that appeared some 6-7 years later. Amazing track.

    Big thanks to Tympanik records for the range of awesome stuff popping up through that label and keeping CD’s alive at an affordable price.

    Love to hear what you all think of this or how it made you feel.

    Please give it the full time it deserves in a comfortable place.


    Posted by Glen Johnson | October 17, 2011, 2:32 am
  2. I’d love to take a listen but I’m unable to download it. I tried registering on the linked site last night but I’ve yet to receive an e-mail with a password to log in with. Anyone else have that issue?

    Posted by Mike | October 17, 2011, 11:07 pm
  3. HI Mike, That’s odd. You don’t need to register – it’s free to download. If anyone else has same issue I’ll see about moving it. Mr. Blue (Glen)

    Posted by Glen Johnson | October 18, 2011, 5:01 am
  4. Ya when I click on download it says I must be logged in or registered to download music. No worries. I’ll keep me eyes on this thread to see if the link changes. Thanks.

    Posted by Mike | October 18, 2011, 5:57 am
  5. Hi guys, I’m putting it up on soundcloud and will get Ryan to change the link. It will be in here shortly:

    Posted by Glen Johnson | October 18, 2011, 11:45 pm
  6. Thanks for doing that Glen. Listening to it now. First track in and I’m already searching the internet for new music. :) Never heard Field Rotation before but I really like that track.

    Posted by Mike | October 19, 2011, 3:57 am
  7. Yeah I had to register to be able to download it, but no big deal, it’s free and easy, and now I’m enjoing this more than interesting mix ;)

    Posted by Seb | October 19, 2011, 11:42 pm
  8. Hello Glen!
    Thank you for the mix very much!

    We will broadcast it tomorrow, Nov.22 at 14:00 CET on

    Take care!
    Warm greetings from Ukraine,
    Slava | PsyRadio

    Posted by PsyRadio ComUa | November 21, 2011, 7:05 pm


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